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Open House Signage Regulations

Did you know… the City of Scottsdale has a zoning ordinance that addresses "Open House" signage placement? The city requests that all residents and business owners adhere to the following signage placement tips and city zoning requirements:


Tips for "open house" signage placement

  • Unacceptable Placement:

    "Within a median or island " On the sidewalk " On poles or traffic control devices " In landscaped areas located between the sidewalk and street " Within 15 feet of the street pavement edge.

  • Acceptable Placement:

    "Placing up to four (4) signs per property, on the property site and off of public sidewalks"

The following is an abbreviated version of the Scottsdale Revised Code on off-premise, open house, and directional signage placement. (Article VIII. Sec. 8.605. Appendix B).

  1. Open house directional signs shall be used to direct traffic to a residence for sale, and may be incorporated as a part of the subdivision directional allowed in Section 8.604.
  2. Such sign shall be used only when a sales person or homeowner or homeowner's agent is present during the time of the open house.
  3. The maximum number of such signs for each residence for sale shall be four (4) signs.
  4. The maximum area of each such sign shall be four (4) square feet.
  5. The maximum height of such sign shall be three (3) feet.
  6. Such sign shall not be illuminated.
  7. Such sign shall not be placed in any right-of-way.
  8. Such sign shall not be placed so as to create a traffic hazard.

* NOTE: Right-of-way distances may vary based on the street design and width. The actual right-of-way for a specific street can be confirmed by viewing the city's digital maps online. Signs found in the right-of-way or placed in a hazardous manner can be removed by Code Enforcement without prior notice.

(See: Ord. No. 2260, 2, 7-18-89; Ord. No. 2278, 2-20-90; Ord. No. 3515, 1, 6-17-03)

Full City of Scottsdale Revised Code

For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Hotline at (480) 312-2546.