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Garage Sale Signage Tips

Signs used for yard, garage and estate sales

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NOTE: Before you begin planning your sale, be sure to check with your homeowner's association and/or research any covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&R's) that may regulate this type of activity.


Scottsdale's informal policy for these types of temporary signs provides the following general understanding/allowance:

  1. Use restricted to residential property (not allowed in commercially zoned areas)
  2. Frequency of use limited to a maximum of twice a year, and to 1-2 days at a time (3-4 days for estate sales)
  3. Placement to exclude public right-of-way and/or any area within the required sight distance triangle that would prevent or hamper a safe turning radius for cars, pedestrians, and other neighborhood traffic
  4. Signs cannot advertise a business or a business name
  5. No permit required