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Sign Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a sign permit?

See Section 8.303

Almost every sign requires a permit except:

  • a sign less than 4 sf, unless otherwise prohibited (for example, an exposed neon sign is not allowed no matter how small),
  • repairing a sign if the structure does not change
  • signs not visible from off public or private (cannot be seen from street or adjacent property)

Any change in wording, composition, colors, or minor new structural repairs requires a new sign permit.

Do I need a permit to reface a sign?

Refacing a sign is when the acrylic panel in a cabinet sign or monument sign is switched out for a new tenant or business. The fee to reface a sign is the same as for a new sign.

  • Banners -The only banner allowed is a grand opening banner (no plan review required) 30 day max - $28.00
  • Frames - These are not allowed unless not visible from the street or adjacent property, i.e., in a courtyard.
  • Neon - Exposed neon signs are not allowed, even inside, unless 3 feet away from the window.
  • Plan Review/Permit Fees - Based on square footage.
  • Multi-tenant Buildings - Almost every multi-tenant building is governed by a Master Sign Program. The landlord or property management company should have a copy for the potential tenant. In some cases, the MSP is more restrictive than our ordinance and we will enforce the MSP. Questions about MSPS and what is allowable, will be answered in 48 hours.

How much sign area is allowed?
Building wall sign area is based on the lineal front foot of your leased space, or building front foot that you occupy. Generally, commercially zoned properties are allowed one (1) square foot of sign area for each lineal foot of building frontage. The primary entrance is used to calculate the total allowed sign area. Please review sign ordinance for exceptions to this method.

How long will it take to receive my sign permit?
If complete information is received at the time of application, and the sign complies with ordinance requirements, you will receive your permit within 3 to 5 days from the date you submit your application. Some applications may require a site inspection to verify field conditions.