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Airpark Directional Signage Program

Airpark Signage Specifications (pdf/1.3mb/2pp)

The City of Scottsdale Current Planning Staff developed a signage option for businesses located in the industrially zoned districts of the city, such as the Airpark.

This signage alternative was developed in response to concerns that multi-tenant buildings in industrial areas have limited options for providing business identification. Industrial park tenants are additionally hampered by buildings that are often oriented perpendicular to the street which results in tenants in the back of the site without street exposure.

The Airpark Directional Signage Program was also developed to allow multi-tenant buildings to identify their businesses along the street in-lieu of A-frame signs, which are prohibited by code.

Airpark building and business owners are encouraged to utilize this option. 

Staff worked with a local sign company, Royal Sign Company, to develop a directional sign that:

  • Meets the intent of the city's sign regulations (provides the essential identity of, and direction to, facilities in the community)
  • Is low scale
  • Lists the names of up to four tenants
  • Presents a consistent streetscape design that is easily identifiable

Airpark Directional Signage Option Under Review



This solution will provide business identity along the street via a specified directional sign standard that is limited to use in industrially zoned areas of the city. A prototype was recently installed at 7845 E. Redfield (see attached photo).


An Airpark business or property owner may select any licensed sign company they wish to assist them in manufacturing and installing an Airpark Directional Sign. Airpark business and property owners who would like to utilize Airpark Directional Signage to advertise the location of a business must meet the following requirements:

1.  Airpark Directional Signs must exactly match the specifications outlined here:
Airpark Directional Signage Specifications (PDF/1.3mb/2pp)
2.  Airpark Directional Signs cannot encroach into the public right-of-way or the traffic visibility zone at street corners or driveways: Sight Distance Triangles (PDF/117kb/6pp)
3.  A maximum of four (4) tenant panels are allowed per sign. Each business is allowed a maximum of one double-sided panel.

4.  The maximum number of Airpark Directional Signs per development or parcel is one per driveway.

5.  Only the business name is allowed on the signs. No logos are allowed, and font, letterstyle and color of the business must meet the Airpark Directional Signage Specifications.

6.  Airpark Directional Signs located within a public utility easement (P.U.E.) must obtain written approval from all affected utility companies: Utility Company Contacts

B. submittal requirements

No permit is required to install an Airpark Directional Sign; however, the City of Scottsdale will require a no-fee courtesy site plan approval to review compliance with the sign ordinance.

A site plan approval may be obtained at the One Stop Shop (by appointment only). Please provide two (2) copies of the following before scheduling an appointment:

1.  A completed Sign Permit Application (PDF/101kb/2pp)

2.  Airpark directional signage color specifications: text, lighting, footing details, materials, color and dimensions.

3.  Site plan of the location where the sign(s) will be located. Show all property lines, and dimensions to the sign from the back-of-street curb, internal driveway curbs and the centerline of the street. Also show the location of all public utility easements.

4. Landlord approval letter.

5. Approval letters from all affected utility companies if the sign is proposed in a public utility easement.

6. Visit the Planning Services counter at the One Stop Shop and request an on-call planner for a review.

7. The One Stop Shop is located at One Civic Center, 7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.


Questions on the Airpark Directional Signage Program?

Please contact Current Planning Staff at 480-312-2500 or e-mail:SIGNS