Grand Opening Banners

Grand Opening Banner Application (pdf/121kb/1p)

Grand openings are considered the introduction, promotion or announcement of a new business, or the announcement, introduction or promotion of an established business changing ownership.

Planning & Development Services staff may issue permits for grand opening banners for business identification while waiting for permanent signage installation.

All grand opening banners require a permit prior to any installation or display. The permit fee for a grand opening banner permit can be found here (subject to change every July): Miscellaneous Building Permit Fees (pdf/77kb/1p)


The following examples of temporary signs are not allowed and no permit exists for these types of signs:

  • Street banners.
  • Wind sail banners.
  • Banners not advertising a grand opening.
  • Balloons or other inflatable advertising products.
  • Portable "A" frame signs (sandwich signs).
  • Pennants, streamers, or other similar devices.
  • Gobo (lighting) signs projected onto any structure or surface. 

General Requirements for GRAND OPENING BANNERS  

  1. Grand openings are considered the announcement of a new business, or the announcement of an established business changing ownership. 
  2. The maximum number of grand opening banners allowed for each business shall be one (1) banner. 
  3. Grand opening banners must predominately display “Grand Opening” or “Now Open”. Business name, logos, additional text and advertising may also be included. 
  4. Grand opening banners may be displayed not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the date of permit issuance. 
  5. The day the grand opening banner permit is pulled is when the 30-day time frame begins. 

    Extensions are not allowed. 

  6. The maximum size of the banner is based on the underlying zoning district's sign size requirement: 
    1. Example: 1 sq ft of banner for every 1 sq ft of the tenant's suite frontage (30' suite/building frontage = 30 sq ft banner size). 
    2. Certain zoning districts such as C-O (Commercial Office) and S-R (Service Residential) have more restrictive size requirements. Check zoning to verify. 
  7. Grand opening banners cannot encroach into the public right-of-way, and cannot encroach in any traffic visibility triangles at street corners and driveways. 
  8. Grand opening banner permits shall only be issued once for the lifetime of the business under the same ownership. 
  9. Grand opening banners are subject to the following safety standards: 
    1. Shall be securely fastened to a solid structure/building frontage and shall not project above any building roofline. 
    2. Shall be vented (when applicable) to ensure they will withstand wind pressure from any direction applied to the projected exposed area. 
    3. Grand opening banners should never be placed near power lines.

grand opening banner submittal and permit requirements

Grand opening banner permits may be obtained over-the-counter at the City of Scottsdale One Stop Shop, located at 7447 E. Indian School Road Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. The One Stop Shop cannot accept digital grand opening banner application submittals.

Please provide the following when applying for a grand opening banner permit:

  1. Grand Opening Banner Application (pdf/121kb/1p) 
  2. SITE PLAN – Show the location of the business suite or building and point to the location of the banner. 
  3. BANNER DRAWING/RENDERING – Provide a drawing, rendering, or photo of the proposed banner. Include any proposed graphics (wording, logos, text and color), the banner material, and dimensions (height x length).