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Inspection Process for Native Plants

After the native plant permit has been issued and prior to the commencement of salvage operations, the applicant shall notify the City Inspector at 480-312-5750 for a pre-inspection. For single family and commercial construction, the applicant is required to request a #42 Pre-Site Inspection by calling the City of Scottsdale voice response system at 480-312-5796.

At the time of the permitted inspection, the applicant shall present a copy of the approved, stamped and signed native plant program to the inspector.

After plants have been relocated to the native plant nursery, the salvage contractor shall contact the inspector for a post-inspection of the nursery site and those plants that have been salvaged and those that have survived salvage operations.

At the time of the post-inspection, the salvage contractor shall present the inspector with a listing of those plant inventory numbers which have not survived salvage operations along with a completed Native Plant Tracking Form (PDF).

Each plant in the nursery shall have the inventory number and date it was side-boxed clearly visible on the box for inspection.

If plant loss has been greater than twenty percent (20%) the salvage contractor shall present the inspector with the reasons for said losses in writing.