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Summary of Provisions

PURPOSE: The Historic Preservation Ordinance establishes the framework for a local historic preservation program that will identify and designate special resources in the community; recognize and promote an awareness of Scottsdale’s history; and define policies for the preservation of significant historical, archaeological and cultural resources.

This ordinance formalizes the city’s commitment to historic preservation by:

1. creating a sense of pride in our heritage;
2. preventing the loss of valuable historic resources; and,
3. create economic benefits by enhancing tourism and increasing property values.

The ordinance:

1.  establishes the powers and duties of the Scottsdale Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), and representation on the Commission to carry out its oversight responsibilities for a Scottsdale historic preservation program;

2.  creates an updated HP overlay zoning district in the Zoning Ordinance;

3.  establishes purposes for historic preservation and includes the necessary definitions;

4.  officially recognizes significant historic, archaeological and cultural resources -- the best of the best -- through eligibility criteria and a designation process for historic preservation district, and places historic preservation designated resources on a Scottsdale Historic Register;

5.  establishes the roles of Historic Preservation Officer (HPO) and City Archaeologist in order to provide support for the Historic Preservation Commission, to carry out duties defined under the ordinance, and to manage the program;

6.  provides for the development of a Historic Preservation Plan as a resource that defines specifically what features and/or characteristics are the basis for the designation, and that identifies measures to implement the plan to preserve these important features and characteristics;

7.  establishes procedures to review and approve exterior changes to historic preservation designated properties in conjunction with the Development Review Board as needed for the project (note: interior changes and minor repairs are exempt from review procedures); and,

8.  protects historic preservation designated resources by establishing a demolition approval process and providing a delay in demolition, when applicable, to allow time for all alternatives for preservation to be adequately explored.