Subdivision Walls

Subdivision walls are prohibited unless as allowed by hardship exemption.


When approved, perimeter walls shall be subject to the Development Review Board and shall incorporate the following criteria:

  1. These walls shall incorporate alignments and vertical designs that undulate in a manner that blends with the character of the site's terrain and protects major native plant specimens and boulders;
  2. These walls shall contain ground level openings of at least 9 square feet in area with a dimension of 3 by 3 feet, and be spaced no more than 200 feet apart, including openings for drainage ways, in order to allow wildlife movements and passage of localized stormwater flows;
  3. These walls shall be built of materials that blend into the heavy textures and rustic character of the vegetation, boulders and other features of the natural desert setting; and
  4. These walls shall be set back from the perimeter property line a minimum of:
    1. 15 feet where the subdivision or master planned development is adjacent to a vacant property;
    2. 15 feet or a distance equal to the required side yard for the underlying zoning district, whichever is greater, where the subdivision or master planned development is adjacent to a parcel that has an existing residence, an existing subdivision or the McDowell Sonoran Preserve; or
    3. Zero (0) feet where the subdivision is adjacent to natural area open space (NAOS) or conservation area (CA) tract within the same subdivision or master planned development that the walls are located within.



Stage of development as of May 21, 2004 Status
No approved plans Not Exempt
Approved rezoning with amended development standards Exempt if addressed in amended standards
Approved Master Plan Development (1) Exempt if addressed in the approved Master Plan
Approved Final Plat or residential Preliminary Plat Exempt if addressed in plat approval
Rezoning and Development under Hillside District Exempt
Building Permit issued Exempt

1.  Masterplan Development is: At least 80 acres in area, and

  1. contains at least 2 zoning districts, and/or
  2. contains at least 2 phases.


Exemption Schedule - (pdf/103kb/1p)