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SFR Lots greater than 35,000 sq. ft.

On single family residential parcels containing 35,000 square feet or larger, individual lot or site walls, where permitted, shall be setback a minimum of 15 feet from a side or rear property line unless the parcel is adjacent to natural area open space (NAOS) or conservation area (CA) within a separate tract as a part of a master planned development or subdivision. 



Stage of development as of May 21, 2004 Status
No approved plans Not Exempt
Approved rezoning with amended development standards Exempt if addressed in amended standards
Approved Master Plan Development (1) Exempt
Approved Final Plat or residential Preliminary Plat Exempt if addressed in plat approval
Rezoning and Development under Hillside District Exempt
Building Permit issued Exempt

1.  Masterplan Development is: At least 80 acres in area, and

  1. contains at least 2 zoning districts, and/or
  2. contains at least 2 phases.

Exemption Schedule - (pdf/103kb/1p)