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How to Read the ESL Landform Maps

The ESL Landforms and Protected Peaks and Ridges maps were produced to conform to the requirements of Scottsdale Revised Code Appendix “B” Section 6.1010.


Each map covers an area consisting of 4 Sections; each Section covers an area of approximately 1 square mile, the boundary of which is symbolized by a pink line.

Areas covered by the ESL ordinance are colored either light yellow, light brown or light blue. Uncolored areas are either outside the City limits or do not fall under the purview of the ESL ordinance.

  • Light yellow represents Lower Desert landforms
  • Light Brown represents Upper Desert landforms
  • Light Blue represents Hillside landforms

Protected peak and ridge lines are indicated with a dashed red line.

Contour lines in grey (20’ interval) and black (50’ interval) are provided to represent topographic relief.

Thick grey lines with text indicate streets.


The easiest way to determine if an area falls within an ESL ordinance landform is to look up the parcel via the Scottsdale Interactive Map.


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