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Summary of Changes for ESLO-2 Modified

Council adopted the revisions to the ESL Ordinance on April 1, 2003.   The changes are summarized as follow:

 1.  Introduce Graphics and Illustrations to Explain Ordinance

  • Use graphics and illustrations to supplement text.  Examples: boulder features, construction envelopes and NAOS locations.

2.  New Definitions (Sec. 3.100)

  • Add or modify definitions to better explain Ordinance.  Examples: flag lot, revegetation and wildland/urban interface/intermix.

3.  Allow Hillside Conservation (HC) area in Proportional NAOS Reductions (Sec. 6.1060 B)

  • Include Hillside Conservation area  (HC) with Conservation Open Space (COS) areas for allowable reductions.

4. Clarify Building Heights in R1 Districts (Sec. 6.1070 B)

  • The new ESL Ordinance reduces the height of all buildings in Single-family (R1) districts including lands in the Foothills Overlay, to 24 feet, while the previous ESLO-2 Ordinance allowed building heights in R1 districts to 26 feet. The wording however, provides the DRB the ability to allow additional heights for non-residential buildings including churches, places of worship, public and charter schools, municipal uses, and other non-residential buildings.  The DRB may permit additional heights for non-residential buildings, up to the maximum allowed by the underlying residential zoning district, after considering the suitability of the proposal and context of the surrounding neighborhood.

5. Include Hazard-related Criteria for DRB to consider in Hillside District (Sec.   6.1070 C 5)

  • The Development Review Board, in reviewing site plans in the Hillside District, may consider natural hazards including erosion, subsidence, boulder rolling, rockfalls, flooding, flood related mud slides, unstable slopes and landsliding relating to the site and surrounding property.

6. Provide Refinement of ESL Landform Map Revision Process (Sec. 6.1070 D&E)

  • Specify that the Protected Peak and Ridges Map is revised under the ESL landform map revision process.

7. Modify Site and Structure Development Design Standards (Sec. 6.1070 G)

  • Clarification of high gloss finishes and addition of aluminum and galvanized steel to the list of reflective building and roof materials that need to contain a textured, matte, or non reflective surface.
  • Specify that equipment appurtenant to underground facilities shall either have an exterior treatment that has a LRV of 35 percent or less, or be screened from view from adjacent properties.