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Assisted Living Homes

Assisted Living Homes are protected by the federal Fair Housing Act Amendment of 1988 and are permitted in all single-family residential neighborhoods in the City subject to the following Scottsdale Zoning Ordinance criteria:

  • Limiting the square-footage of the home to no more than 35% of the lot area
  • Limited to ten (10) residents
  • Restricting the proximity of licensed homes to each other
  • Requiring homes to be compatible with the neighborhood
  • Limiting off-street parking required for staff

Assisted Living Homes:

  • Provide long-term care within a residential setting 
  • Licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services

Important Considerations:

  • The City does not require neighborhood notification for uses permitted within the zoning district.

Adult Care Homes (PDF)

Arizona Dept. of Health Services (Office of Assisted Living Licensing)- 602-364-2639
Foundation for Senior Living- 602-285-1800