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Codes Site Map

Alley Maintenance Schedule and Progress
Codes and Ordinances
Alarm Systems Ordinance
Amendments and Interpretations to the Fire Code
Building Code Information
Business Occupational and Professional License Ordinance
Campaign Signs / Temporary Non-Commercial Signs
Codes Site Map
Construction Activity - Start & Stop Times
ESLO Fact Sheet
Hardship Exemptions
Fences & Walls in the ESL Overlay Area
SFR Lots greater than 35,000 sq. ft.
Subdivision Walls
Reading the High Priority NAOS Area Maps
History of the ESLO
Summary of Changes to ESLO
Summary of Changes for ESLO-2 Modified
How to Read the ESLO Landform Maps
Natural Area Open Space (NAOS)
Wash Modification
Fences and Walls
Permitted Height
Built Without a Permit
Site Plan Requirements - ESL and Cactus Corridor
Production & Semi-Custom Subdivisions
Utility Company Contacts for Public Utility Easements
Fences and Walls on Custom Lots
Projects with Retaining Walls
Increase Height of Existing Wall
Site Plan Requirements - NON-ESL
Foothills Overlay
Fences/Walls within the Foothills Overlay Area
Front Yard Parking Requirements
Interpretations and Applications of the Building Codes
Land Divisions Ordinance 3743
Litter Free Enforcement Zones
Native Plant Information
Indigenous, Desert Appropriate and Recommended Plant Lists
Inspection Process for Native Plants
Protected Native Plants
Invasive Weeds
Pedalbus Ordinance - proposed amendment
Pedicab Ordinance (Proposed)
Policies Unique to Scottsdale, AZ
Property Maintenance Ordinance Interpretations
Public Safety Plan Ordinance
Sexually Oriented Business (SOB) Licenses - Proposed Update
Sign Regulations, Processes and Permits
Airpark Directional Signage Program
Garage Sale Signage Tips
Real Estate Sign Types
Campaign Signs / Temporary Non-Commercial Signs
Example of Airpark Directional Signs
Frequently Asked Questions
Grand Opening Banners
Stormwater & Floodplain Management Ordinance Update (Proposed)
Streets Ordinance
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
Backwashing or Emptying a Swimming Pool
Frequently Asked Questions
Permit Submittal Requirements
Swimming Pool Fence Details
Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Spa Enclosures
Towing Ordinance - NEW!
Transportation Safety Zone Ordinance
Valet Ordinance
Wireless Communication Facilities
Wood Burning Fireplaces
Zoning Ordinance Resources
Frequently Requested Zoning District Information
Temporary Fencing Requirements
Tool Sheds, Detached Garages, Guest House, etc.
Zoning Ordinance Interpretations
Code References
Requesting a Interpretation
Zoning Research Tools
Setback / Development Standards
Uses Allowed in Single-Family Districts
Farms, Ranches & Stables
Medical Marijuana
Constitution Contest
Google Fiber
News Releases
Public invited to comment on strengthening airport runway and taxiways
Social worker wins top honors at city Employee Awards Program
“Flavors of Scottsdale” videos showcase cuisine and culture
Special events promise a “Super Week” in Scottsdale
Hashknife Pony Express to make “super” delivery
Community minded family and civil rights advocate named 2015 Diversity Champions
Residents invited to serve on city boards and commissions
Scottsdale police, fire offer 12 safety tips
"All Things Senior" Expo offers information and insight on senior resources
Best ways to view Parada del Sol Parade, Trail’s End party
Public invited to Feb. 24 Scottsdale State of the City Address
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the science and technology that drive city services
Scottsdale’s Museum of the West open
Scottsdale spring training: World champs; Cactus League Hall of Fame; baseball legends and lore
Living large in a “tiny house”
Mayor delivers 2015 State of the City Address
Scottsdale Partners with Nextdoor, the Social Network for Neighborhoods
Volunteers sought to serve on city boards
Scottsdale releases proposed Fiscal Year 2015/16 budget
Scottsdale Opportunity Expo offers employment options for young adults and teens
Multi-sensory environment room opens at Scottsdale’s Adapted Recreation Services Center
Stay cool in a Scottsdale city pool
Learn Scottsdale parks survey results, offer input for master plan
City volunteers provide nearly 200,000 hours and $5 million value to Scottsdale
Learn how “cool” roofs reduce energy use, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
Policies and Guidelines Unique to Scottsdale
Proposed 2013 Bond Program
Proposed 2012 Bond Program
2012 Bond Task Force
Bond Task Force Members
Meeting Materials & Presentations
Projects Included in the Proposed 2012 Bond Program
Projects Eliminated from the Proposed 2012 Bond Package
Bond Task Force Public Comment Form
Proposed Bond Program Project Detail
Submit an Idea for a Future Bond Election
Projects Under Consideration
Meetings, Materials & Presentations
Detalles del Proyecto del Programa de Bonos Propuesto de 2013
Programa de Bonos Propuesto de 2013
SciTech Festival
Scottsdale Preservation Investment Bonds
Scottsdale Signature Events
Spring Training Festival
Victim Services
Victim Services Department Map