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Submit an Idea for a Future Bond Election

How does an idea become a bond project?

Do you have an idea for a bond project that could improve our community?  The City of Scottsdale maintains an ongoing database of future bond projects and bond project ideas.  In order for a bond project idea to be reviewed by the Bond Task Force, criteria including defined goals, needs, accurate cost and a sponsoring department are all necessary for consideration.

Help us get the ball rolling by submitting your ideas here.  There are also numerous opportunities for to participate in the bond development process at SpeakUpScottsdale.com, the City’s online engagement tool. 

What kind of projects does a Bond Election fund?

Bond Elections provide funds for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). The following guidelines determine what is a CIP project:

  • Relatively high monetary value (at least $25,000)
  • Long life (at least five years)
  • Results in creation of a fixed asset, or the revitalization of a fixed asset

Included in within the above definition of a CIP project are the following items:

  • Construction of new facilities
  • Remodeling or expansion of existing facilities
  • Purchase, improvement and development of land
  • Operating equipment and machinery for new or expanded facilities
  • Planning and engineering costs related to specific capital improvements
  • Street construction, reconstruction, resurfacing or renovation

In general, automotive and other rolling stock, personal computers, and other equipment not attached to or part of new facilities are not included as a CIP project. The exception to this is when the aggregate dollar amount of all the items are of considerable value that they are grouped together and considered as a single capital project.