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Projects Under Consideration

The Scottsdale Bond Task Force is in the process of updating the 2012 recommendation to the Scottsdale City Council.  The following project are being considered as an addition to the 2012 bond program which consists of 31 projects that total $158.1 Million.

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Downtown Civic Center Master Plan Improvements / Renovations: $8.3M

This project will design and construct the Civic Center West Entry Improvements at Brown Avenue in order to provide greater visibility and improved access to the Civic Center Area from Downtown Scottsdale.

Downtown Public Parking Economic Development Investment: $8M

This project will design and create a new multi-story public parking facility in Downtown Scottsdale.  The new structure will primarily serve the area south of Camelback Rd., west of Miller Rd., north of Indian School Rd., and east of Drinkwater Blvd. where several large employers have recently located.  The project will include the design and construction of a 400-space, above ground, parking structure with incorporated public restroom facilities, as well as streetscape and pedestrian amenity upgrades .

Scottsdale Road Resort Corridor Utility and Streetlight Aesthetic Enhancement: $14.7M

This project will make aesthetic improvements to Scottsdale Road from Chaparral Rd. to Double Tree Ranch Rd. by undergrounding existing above grade dry utilities including overhead power (69Kv and 12Kv), cable TV, telephone, fiber optic and intelligent transportation systems.  Additionally the streetlights currently mounted on exiting power poles will be replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures that will reduce energy cost and continue the theme for Scottsdale Road Streetscape Design Guidelines. 

SCPA Renovations Phase III: $4.3M
This project will create a new north performance area at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts that opens to the Civic Center Mall and will renovate the Stage 2 Theater into a multi-purpose area with flexible programming for rehearsal space, classes, retail operations and exhibitions.  Additionally, this project will complete unfunded portions of the Phase II renovations such as the north/south entry doors, kitchen and storage, donor wall, atrium acoustics and the Virginia Piper Theater enhanced audio system.

City Fountain Renovations: $0.4M
This project will upgrade and repair 11 fountains owned and operated by the city.  Currently several of these fountains leak and do not function properly.  This project will help reduce electric and water costs by replacing older pump systems, resurfacing the interior of the fountains and replace old lighting systems.

Paiute Community Center Renovations: $7.6M
This project will construct a new 22,700 square foot building on the Paiute Neighborhood Center campus.  The building will be used by the Scottsdale Healthcare NOAH Clinic which operates school and community based health clinics.  NOAH is currently a tenant at the Paiute Neighborhood Center campus and is located in a building that is aged, undersized, doesn’t meet current acceptable building code requirements, medical facility standards or ADA requirements.

Civic Center Library Improvements Phase II: $5.1M
This project will create a new Discovery Zone children's area for kids between the ages of 1 and 12, remodel the lower level of the Civic Center Library in order to maximize space, and provide library technology improvements to increase operational efficiency.

Advance Funding for Loop 101 Access Improvements: $11M
This project is to pay for the interest on issuing $35M of General Obligation Bonds for the construction of interchange improvements at the Loop 101 at Frank Lloyd Wright, Bell Road and Pima/Princess.  The funding for the project is currently included within the Regional Transportation Plan in 2021.  Providing the $11M would allow the city to advance the improvements to 2014.

Indian Bend / West World Trail and Path Connections: $6.9M
This project will provide shared use path and unpaved trail connectivity from West World to major destinations and exiting paths and trails already in place including;  the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Gateway Access Area, McDowell Mountain Ranch Park and Aquatic Center, Thompson Peak Park, the Pima Park and the Power Line Path.

Thompson Peak Parkway Bridge: $5M
This project will construct a second bridge on Thompson Peak Parkway over the Reatta Wash within DC Ranch.  The second bridge will create a safer roadway condition and include a bike lane and sidewalk.

Desert Discovery Center: $49M
The Desert Discovery Center, to be located at the Gateway to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, is intended to be the quintessential Scottsdale tourism destination experience as well as a point of pride for City of Scottsdale residents.  It is envisioned as a place that is welcoming, engaging, exciting, educational, accessible, and a center of activity that will offer year-round, high-quality “edutainment” including educational, experimental, cultural and social opportunities.

Pinnacle Peak Park Improvements: $ 3.8M
This project will acquire 2 to 3 acres of land adjoining the exiting trailhead parking lot from the Arizona State Land Department in order to construct approximately 200 parking stalls. The existing restrooms and staff office will be expanded to accommodate the high volume of use at the park.  The project also includes renovations of portions of the hiking trail, and will include the construction of an interpretive trail.

Preserve Trailhead Projects: $10M
This project will design and construct four trailheads providing amenities public access to the Frasefield Mountain, Granite Mountain and Stagecoach Pass regions of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Fire Training Facility Expansion: $4.9M
This project will replace the existing temporary trailers designated as the Fire Training Facility.  It will include a new, two story, multi-use training building with classrooms, offices, conference rooms and storage areas.  This new building will allow the storage of fire training apparatus indoors for use during summer months and support climate controlled atmosphere required for the fire service candidate physical assessment testing (CPAT).

Police Training Facility: $5.2M
This project will expand the existing Thomas Hontz Police Training Facility to include a 2,000 square foot live fire shoot house, an enlarged firearms range and 3,000 square feet of office space for police training.

Purchase Land for North Police Facility: $4.5M
This project will purchase approximately 10 acres of land in north Scottsdale for the future construction of a Police District Facility.  Currently the farthest north facility is located at Thompson Peak Parkway and Pima Road.  The addition of a north facility would help to improve response times and bolster the police presence in North Scottsdale.

Pima Freeway (SR 101L) Signalized Intersection Upgrades): $2.5M
This project will update 11 freeway interchanges located along the Loop 101 Freeway at Scottsdale Road, Hayden Road, Pima/princess, Bell Road, Frank Lloyd Wright, Raintree Drive, Cactus Road, Shea Boulevard, 90th Street Via De Ventura and Indian Bend Road.  The updates will include the installation of battery backup systems, video detection systems, and new signal wiring.

Bridge Safety Upgrades and Rehabilitation Project: $1.5M
This project will provide funding for the inspection each bridge within Scottsdale’s inventory to determine what is structurally needed to bring each bridge into conformance with current federal standards.  After the identification of any faults, the bridges will be prioritized and the corrections will be made to bring the bridges up to current standards.

McDowell Road Storm Drain Improvements: $1.5M
This project will install a storm drain system with McDowell Road from the Cross-Cut Canal to Scottsdale Road.  The system would provide 100-year flood protection and allow for revitalization without the need for stormwater storage basins.

Camelback Road Storm Drain Improvements: $4.0M
This project will install a storm drain system with Camelback Road from Scottsdale Road to the Indian Bend Wash.  The system will provide 100-year flood protection and allow for revitalization without the need for stormwater storage basins.