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Proposed Bond Program Project Detail

Scottsdale voters will decide five ballot questions at a Nov. 5 Special Election. Four of those questions ask voters to consider funding a $212.1 million bond program recommended by a citizens bond task force. The estimated average annual tax rate for the proposed bond authorization is $0.2174 per $100 of secondary assessed valuation. 

The bond program comprises 39 projects grouped into four election questions:

Question 1: Parks, Libraries and Community Facilities - $50.4M

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Integrated Financial, Human Resources and Purchasing System

This project replaces and integrates a series of aging technology systems used by Accounting, Budget, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Asset, CIP, Payroll, Procurement and Human Resources into one integrated system.

Pinnacle Peak Park Improvements

This project will acquire 2 to 3 acres of land from the Arizona State Land Department in order to expand the existing parking facilities by approximately 200 spaces. Also included will be expansion of the existing staff office and restrooms to accommodate the high volume of use at the park. The project also includes renovations of portions of the hiking trail, and will include construction of an interpretive trail.

Vista del Camino Park / Indian Bend Wash Renovation

This project will renovate the existing Vista del Camino Park/Indian Bend Wash area from McKellips Rd. to Thomas Rd. The park was completed in 1975 and this project will renovate much of the 37-year-old infrastructure including the turf irrigation system, lakes, multi-use paths, park buildings, ramadas and playgrounds. These improvements will include the installation of updated materials and technologies and will lower annual operating cost, enhance water conservation and quality, resolve bank erosion and allow more effective use of park open space areas. (Map)

Aquatics Chemical System Replacement

This project will replace existing chemical treatment systems in four city pools with chlorine generation systems and ultraviolet treatment. The project will reduce or eliminate the need for bulk chemical storage and handling hazardous chemicals at pool sites and provide a safe and consistent disinfectant solution to the public pools. The proposed system is similar in design to those used in existing city water treatment facilities.

Expansion of Via Linda & Granite Reef Senior Centers

This project will expand the existing Via Linda and Granite Reef Senior Centers by 6,000 square feet each to meet the increased patron and service demands. The expansion will provide multipurpose activity spaces/meeting rooms and support facilities at each location to accommodate large community meetings, classes and activities to meet increased patron demand and provide potential additional rentals/reservation revenue. (Map)

Ballfield Lighting System Replacement – Phase I

This project will provide life cycle replacement for existing ballfield lighting systems that are outdated and less energy efficient. The new technology will reduce the total number of light fixtures while providing the required amount of lighting for community use. The project will also add new lighting to ballfields that are currently unlighted, helping meet the continued increase in demand from youth and adult community user groups.

Civic Center Library Improvements - Phase II

The project will complete a 16,000 foot Phase II remodel of the Civic Center Library including, the children’s area Discovery Zone and lower level Copper Gallery reception area, restrooms, meetings rooms and auditorium. This project will also update the network cabling and communication, servers, software and a mobile computing solution in the Civic Center Library.

Civic Center West Entry Improvements

This project will construct improvements to the West Entry of the Civic Center area and to Master Plan the remaining Civic Center area. The goal of this project is to provide greater visibility and improved access to the Civic Center Area from downtown Scottsdale.

Paiute Community Center Renovations

This project will construct a new 22,700 square foot building on the Paiute Neighborhood Center campus to provide community based clinics providing primary medical and dental services to underserved/uninsured children and adults within Maricopa County.

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts Renovations - Phase 3

The goals of the project are to improve programming by providing more flexible spaces within the facility and reinforce connection to Civic Center Mall area. This project will remodel the Stage 2 Theater and the gift shop area as multipurpose spaces that connect to the Civic Center Mall. Also included in the renovation are Atrium acoustics, new north and south entrance doors and windows, a complete kitchen, and an enhanced speaker system for Piper Theater. (Map)

Question 2: Public Safety - $43.7M

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Radio System Upgrade

This project fulfills a federal mandate to narrowband frequencies on the valley-wide regional radio system. These funds provide for Scottsdale’s portion of the upgrade. In addition, the funds are to replace the Fire Department’s existing mobile and portable radios that are not narrowband compliant and will reach end of their usable life in 2014/15. These radios provide coverage and interoperability for public safety operations, including Fire Automatic Aid.

Police Civic Center Jail Consolidation

This project will centralize city jail operations by expanding and renovating the current Civic Center Jail to accommodate all City jail operations. This project will construct an approximately 5,000 square foot addition to the existing Civic Center Jail.

Electronic Storage Replacement

This project is to replace two of the City’s three electronic storage environments, their network and the associated data backup systems. These systems are for the Police Department’s digital evidence files and for the City’s credit card payment process system.

Bring Existing Fire Stations to Compliance Standards

This project will renovate several existing city fire stations which are in need of repair and require upgrades in order to meet OSHA-certified decontamination area requirements and safety gear storage to meet National Fire Protection Association safety requirements. This project will also install back-up power generators that will allow the facility to continue to serve the community during power outages.

Police Civic Center Station Expansion

This project will construct a 9,000 square foot addition to the Civic Center Police facility to support the needs of the High Enforcement Arrest Team (HEAT), K9 unit, Bike Support Unit and Downtown Patrol Services. (Map)

Desert Foothills Fire Station 613

This project will design and construct a 10,000 square foot permanent fire station in the Desert Foothills area to replace a temporary modular facility. The new station will include crew quarters and facilities, office space, OSHA-certified decontamination area, safety gear storage, a community meeting room, wellness-fitness area and an apparatus bay. (Map)

Fire Training Facility Expansion

This project will construct an 8,000 square foot Fire Training Facility to replace the existing temporary trailers designated as the Fire Training Facility. The facility will include an apparatus bay, classroom/laboratory space, offices, lockers, restrooms and showers. This new building will allow the placement of fire training apparatus indoors for use during summer months. The structure will also support climate controlled atmosphere required for the fire service candidate physical assessment testing.

Public Safety Via Linda Facility Expansion

This project will construct a 12,000 square foot expansion to the Via Linda Public Safety Complex to support both the police and fire departments by creating a shared public safety equipment warehouse, community/training facilities, wellness-fitness area and consolidating the Emergency Management Homeland Security Bureau at the Emergency Operations Center. Construction includes a parking facility and rebuilding Fire Station 604. (Map)

Desert Mountain Fire Station 616

This project will design and construct a 10,000 square foot permanent fire station at 110th Street and Cave Creek Road to replace a temporary facility. The new station will include crew quarters and facilities, office space, OSHA-certified decontamination area, safety gear storage, a community meeting room, wellness-fitness area and an apparatus bay. This project will also include the purchase of a new ladder truck for the fire department. (Map)

Purchase Land for Fire Station 612

This project will provide funds to acquire land for a new fire station in the area of Union Hills Drive and Hayden Road to achieve adopted fire department service level objectives and response goals. (Map)

Question 3: Neighborhood Flood Control – $19M

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Granite Reef Watershed

This project eliminates a 100-year flood hazard affecting at least 1,200 property owners within Scottsdale alone. The project will construct infrastructure to intercept stormwater flows from the Granite Reef Watershed and convey them to the Salt River. The total project estimate is $46.7 million. Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC) has committed $23.7 million. The Salt River Pima Indian Community will provide $14.2 million which includes $8 million for land dedication. Scottsdale’s portion of the cost is $8.8 million. Remaining Bond 2000 funds will cover $5.3 million, so $3.5 million of new city bond funding is requested.  (Map)

Neighborhood Stormwater

This on-going flood control program funds local neighborhood drainage improvements throughout the city. The Flood Control District of Maricopa County has a program to fund local drainage projects with matching funds up to $1.5 million.

Loop 101 Detention Basin

This project will construct improvements to an existing pit southwest of the City of Scottsdale Water Campus to make it suitable for use as a regional detention basin. This project provides 100-year flood protection in the vicinity of the project and allows, in conjunction with other city and developer-funded projects, a stormwater storage waiver for a large area of Arizona State Land Trust property known as Crossroads East. This project has a $1.0 million matching grant from the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and may be eligible for an additional Flood Control District of Maricopa County match of $2.0 million. (Map)

Loop 101 Detention Basin Outfall

This project will construct a conveyance facility from the Loop 101 Detention Basin to the intersection of Hayden Road and Union Hills Drive to provide 100-year flood protection in the vicinity of the project and provide an outfall from the Loop 101 Detention Basin. The Flood Control District of Maricopa County may match city funds with $2.0 million. (Map)

Indian Bend Road/Lincoln Drive Flood Hazard Mitigation

This project provides 100-year flood protection for McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, the Sands North community, commercial development at the northwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale Road, Lincoln Drive and Indian Bend Road. The project includes construction of storm drain improvements on Lincoln Drive from Scottsdale Road to the interceptor channel upstream of the Arizona Canal and will enhance the capacity of the existing channel from the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend Road to Indian Bend Wash. There are $4.0 million matching funds available from the Flood Control District of Maricopa County. (Map)

Question 4: Transportation, Streets AND TRAILS - $99M

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Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet Upgrade & Replacement

This project will replace traffic signal controller cabinets at all traffic signalized intersections within the City of Scottsdale, approximately 300 locations. The replacement of the cabinets will allow the City to utilize new technologies that dramatically optimize the ability of the traffic signal controllers to improve the flow of traffic through a signalized intersection.

Bridge Safety Upgrades and Rehabilitation Project

This project will provide funding for the inspection of each bridge within Scottsdale’s inventory to determine the structural needs for each bridge in order to bring each into conformance with current AASHTO standards. After the identification of any faults, the bridges will be prioritized and the corrections will be made to bring the bridges up to current standards.

Northeast Downtown Public Parking Structure

This project will design and create a new multi-story public parking facility in Downtown Scottsdale where several large employers have located and expanded (generally south of Camelback Road, west of Miller Road, east of Drinkwater Blvd., and north of Indian School Road). The project is estimated to construct a 400 space, above ground, parking structure with incorporated public restroom facilities, as well as streetscape and pedestrian amenity upgrades associated with the overall site.

Accessible Curb Ramps – ADA compliance

This project will implement the ADA Transition Plan by constructing accessible curb ramps and sidewalks to improve pedestrian mobility and

Hayden Road Intersections at Chaparral and Camelback Roads

This project will construct additional turn lanes in all directions to provide additional capacity at the intersections of Hayden and Chaparral Roads and Hayden and Camelback Roads. This project will improve access between Downtown and Loop 101 and improve intersection safety. (Map)

Pima Freeway (SR 101L) Signalized Intersection Upgrades

This project will update 11 freeway interchanges located along the Loop 101 Freeway at Scottsdale Road, Hayden Road, Pima/Princess, Bell Road, Frank Lloyd Wright, Raintree Drive, Cactus Road, Shea Boulevard, 90th Street, Via De Ventura and Indian Bend Road. The updates will include the installation of battery backup systems, video detection systems, and new signal wiring.

Downtown Pedestrian Improvements

This project will provide funding for missing segments or improvements to sidewalks and to increase character, wayfinding and mobility in the downtown area. Improvements will be concentrated along Marshall Way from 2nd Street to 5th avenue and in the area north of Fashion Square mall along Goldwater, Highland and Scottsdale Roads.

Expired/Quiet Pavement Replacement

This project will remove expired asphalt road surface that has exceeded its 15-year life cycle in southern and central sections of Scottsdale and replace it with quieter rubberized asphalt pavement. This project includes downtown, local and major streets.

Advance Funding for Loop 101 Access Improvements

This project is to pay for the interest on issuing $35M of General Obligation Bonds for the construction of interchange improvements at the Loop 101 at Frank Lloyd Wright, Bell Road and Pima/Princess. The funding for the project is currently included within the Regional Transportation Plan in 2021. Providing the $11M would allow the city to advance the improvements from 2021 to 2014.

Airpark Roadway Circulation - Phase II

The project provides improved connector streets along Raintree and Redfield Roads between the Loop 101 and Scottsdale Road and upgrades Airpark & Airport wayfinding signage. Connector streets will include bike lanes, landscaping and roundabouts. This project is eligible for Proposition 400 matching funds up to $20.5 million. (Map)

Indian Bend / West World Trail and Path Connections

This project would provide shared use path and unpaved trail connectivity from West World north to major destinations and exiting path and trails already in place. These destinations and paths include; the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Gateway Access Area, McDowell Mountain Ranch Park and Aquatic Center, Thompson Peak Park, the Pima Park and the Power Line Path.

Scottsdale Road Utility Relocation and Streetscape

This project is to make aesthetic improvement to the Air Park Corridor (Scottsdale Road from Thunderbird Road to Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard) through undergrounding existing above grade dry utilities including overhead power (69Kv and 12Kv), cable TV, telephone, fiber optic and intelligent transportation systems. Additionally the streetlights for this segment will require replacement as they are currently mounted on exiting power poles. The thematic streetlight pole with a LED fixture will be used to continue the theme for Scottsdale Road Streetscape Design Guidelines as well as to reduce energy costs through the use of energy efficient fixtures.

Street Operations Maintenance Building

This project will provide funds to purchase approximately 3 acres of land, design and construct a maintenance building to be used as a storage and staging area for the Street Operations Department. The new building will be located in the north portion of the city.

Citywide Trails Implementation

This project provides program funding to acquire, design and construct city designated multipurpose trails throughout the city.

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