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2012 Bond Task Force

On May 1, the Scottsdale City Council accepted the final recommendations from the Scottsdale 2012 Bond Task Force and voted postpone a bond election until the Fall of 2013.

The Scottsdale Bond Task Force was established in July 2011 to help review and prioritize potential bond projects as the city considered a future bond election.  The task force reviewed 47 projects totaling $288 Million for consideration as part of a future bond package.

The 9-member task force spent over 600 volunteer hours reviewing projects and seeking public comment prior to unveiling a proposed plan which includes 34 projects totaling $167.5 million.


Proposed 2012 Bond Program

Question 1: Community Services and Technology

$29.31 Million

• Electronic Storage Replacement: $4.3M
• Library Technology: $2.3M
• Integrated Financial, Human Resources and Purchasing System $3.5M
• Aquatics Chemical System Replacement: $1.7M
• Expansion of Via Linda & Granite Reef Senior Centers: $7.1M
• Vista del Camino Park/Indian Bend Wash Renovation: $8.31M
• Ballfield Lighting System Replacement – Phase I: $2.1M

Question 2: Public Safety & Courts
$44.69 Million

• Radio System Upgrade: $4.29M
• Police Civic Center Jail Consolidation: $4.4M
• Bring Existing Fire Stations to Compliance Standards: $2.5M
• Civic Center Station Expansion: $3.9M
• Fire Station 603 Replacement:  $4.6M
• Court Remodel/Expansion - $4.5M
• Desert Foothills Fire Station 613: $3.5M
• Public Safety Via Linda Facility Expansion: $12.5M
• Desert Mountain Fire Station 616: $2.5M
• Purchase Land for Fire Station 612: $2M


Question 3: Neighborhood Flood Control

$27.90 Million

• Granite Reef Watershed: $3.5M
• Neighborhood Stormwater - $1.5M
• Loop 101 Detention Basin: $6.3M
• Loop 101 Outlet Storm Drain: $5.0 M
• East Union Hills Interceptor Channel: $3.3M
• Powerline Interceptor Channel: $5.6M
• McCormick Stillman Channel & Lincoln Drive Storm Drain: $2.7M


Question 4: Transportation & Streets
$58.90 Million

• Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet Upgrade & Replacement: $9.8M
• Airpark Roadway Circulation Phase II: $11.3M
• Accessible Curb Ramps – ADA compliance: $2M
• Hayden Road Intersections at Chaparral and Camelback Roads: $5.5M
• Arizona Canal Improvements – 60th Street to Indian Bend Road: $4M
• Expired/Quiet Pavement Replacement $15.4M
• Transportation Downtown Pedestrian Improvements: $2M
• Street Operations Maintenance Building: $1.1M
• Citywide Trails Implementation;  $4M
• Chaparral Road Streetscape Improvements: $3.8M