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EMSD Goals for Downtown Scottsdale, 2002-2006

Activities to be provided by the District funding through property taxes collected for 5-year period 2002 - 2006.


The following list of goals and activities outlines a general work program for the provision of marketing, advertising and promotional programs funded through the enhanced municipal services district mechanism.


Goals - Marketing & Promotion

  1. Provide marketing and advertising opportunities for all segments of the Downtown, geared toward local and regional markets.
  2. Produce special events to attract repeat visitors and customers to Downtown which may include:
    1. ArtFest on 5th Avenue
    2. Art Walk
    3. Summer Spectacular Art Walk
    4. Street Art Live
    5. Market in the Village - Farmers Market
    6. Chicago Fest
    7. Western Art Weekend
    8. Western Heritage Week
    9. Pancakes Del Sol
    10. Parada Del Sol Trail's End Party
  3. Promote activities that support the overall Downtown vision while recognizing the uniqueness of the individual area within the Downtown.
  4. Continue an image program that includes logo and theme colors with an implementation plan detailing the usage of Downtown logos on signs, banners, uniforms, shopping bags, etc.
  5. Continue various publications and brochures such and Downtown Map, Directory, restaurant guide, additional supplements, web site, and newsletter.
  6. Develop and continue strong public and media relationships through cooperative advertising and other leverage opportunities.