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McDowell Corridor/South Scottsdale Economic Development Task Force

The McDowell Corridor/South Scottsdale Economic Development Task Force was formed to study the McDowell corridor/South Scottsdale area and how the area should be marketed as a place to live and work, and what changes should be made to the laws and/or processes of the City in order to foster economic growth.  The Task Force may also serve as a tool for marketing the area to those considering the area as a place to locate businesses or other developments. 

The Task Force presented its recommendations to the City Council on February 9, 2010.  To view the Task Force Final Report, please click here.

Agendas, Minutes, and Other Resources

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Meeting audio/video Recordings

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Member Information

Member: Appointed:
Tom Sadvary, Chair 06/23/2009
George Adams 06/23/2009
Jim Atkinson 06/23/2009
Kurt Brueckner 06/23/2009
Michael Fernandez 06/23/2009
Jeremiah Foster 06/23/2009
Ed Gawf 06/23/2009
Todd Hardy 11/03/2009
Sonnie Kirtley 06/23/2009
Virginia Korte 06/23/2009
Eric Larson 06/23/2009
Wendy Lyons 06/23/2009
Tom Mason 06/23/2009
Paul Messinger 06/23/2009
Jay Petkunas 06/23/2009

Staff Contact Information

Rob Millar, 480-312-2533, rmillar@ScottsdaleAZ.gov