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2011 General Plan Working Group

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agenda Packets

02-01-10 Packet (pdf/462kb/16pp)
02-22-10 Packet (pdf/777kb/37pp)
03-01-10 Packet (pdf/762kb/41pp)
03-15-10 Packet (pdf/1mb/40pp)
04-05-10 Packet (pdf/707kb/37pp)
04-19-10 Packet (pdf/889kb/36pp)
05-03-10 Packet (pdf/1mb/46pp)
05-17-10 Packet (pdf/3mb/42pp)
06-07-10 Packet (pdf/1mb/33pp)
08-16-10 Packet (pdf/580kb/28pp)
08-23-10 Packet (pdf/615kb/34pp)
09-20-10 Packet (pdf/391kb/18pp)


2011 General Plan Update Process (pdf/567kb/12pp/01-25-2010)
Scottsdale General Plan History (pdf/612kb/18pp/01-25-2010)

Downtown Plan Update Overview (pdf/1.5mb/21pp/02-01-2010)
Greater Airpark Area Plan Overview (pdf/1.6mb/18pp/02-01-2010)
What's New for 2011 General Plan (pdf/1mb/8pp/02-01-2010)
Southern Scottsdale Area Plan Overview (pdf/1.6mb/17pp/02-01-2010)
Future Land Use Map and Major Amendment Criteria (pdf/1.4mb/16pp/06-07-2010)