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Energy Advisory Committee

The Energy Advisory Committee advises EQAB on sustainable energy policy and practices. including conserving energy for existing city facilities, building and renovating city facilities using sustainable energy features, promoting the use of solar and other renewable energy sources, promoting the use of alternative fuels in city fleet vehicles, community outreach and education, and assisting EQAB as directed.


Agendas and Minutes

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MEETING Audio/Video Recordings

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Meeting Information

The Energy Advisory Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month from
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM in Community Development Rooms 1, 2, and 3 at One Civic Center.


Member Information


Member  Date Appointed     Term Ending   
Thomas Dwyer - Chair 1/1/2011 12/31/2011
Floyd Marsh - Vice Chair 1/1/2011 12/31/2011
Halleh Landon 3/16/2011 12/31/2011
Brian O'Donnell 1/13/2011 12/31/2011
Frank Scopetti 1/13/2011 12/31/2011
Bill Sheaffer 1/13/2011 12/31/2011
Cody Wilson 1/19/2011 12/31/2011


Staff Contact Information

Staff representative: Linda Butson 480-312-5821