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2009 Downtown Task Force

The Task Force will serve as an advisory group to expedite the implementation of the recently-approved Downtown Character Area Plan. In addition to its overall mission of providing input for implementation of the conceptual Downtown Plan document, the Task Force will explore possible zoning changes as they relate to Downtown Scottsdale; global parking issues in the Downtown; pedestrian amenities to help create better pedestrian traffic flow to Downtown merchants; and transit planning for the Downtown. 

2009 Downtown Task Force Final Report (pdf/3mb/22pp/3-29-2011)

Agendas, Minutes and other resources

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MEETING Audio/Video Recordings

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Meeting Information

Generally the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 7:30 AM.

City Hall - Kiva Forum
3939 N. Drinkwater Boulevard

Member Information

Member: Term Ending:
Gawf, Ed, Chair 10/21/2012
Drake, Betty, Vice-Chair 07/02/2011
Baker, Gary 07/02/2011
Atkinson, Marilynn 07/02/2011
Duley, Kathy 07/02/2011
Giller, Tom 07/17/2011
Larson, Alan 10/09/2011
Nau, Jude 07/02/2011
Nelson, Scott 07/02/2011
Petkunas, Jay 02/01/2012
Saba-Cooper, Debbie 01/25/2012
Sassenberg, Bret 07/02/2011
Unger, Fred 07/02/2011
Wheeler, Susan 08/27/2011
White, Janie 07/02/2011

Staff Contact Information
Connie Padian, 480-312-2664, cpadian@ScottsdaleAZ.gov
Brandon Lebovitz 480-312-4213, blebovitz@ScottsdaleAZ.gov