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Budget Review Commission

Please note: On August 29, 2011, the Scottsdale City Council passed Ordinance No. 3961 which decommissioned the Budget Review Commission.

The Budget Review Commission is an advisory board to the City Council on matters related to the budget. It is the role of the Commission to assist the City Council in reviewing operating and capital budget recommendations from the departmental and program goals perspective, as well as related financial policies. 

Agendas, Minutes, BYLAWS and other documents


To view and download current and archived agendas and minutes, as well as other resource documents provided to the Commission, please click here.

To view commission bylaws, please click here. (pdf/167kb/4pp)

To view video recordings of Budget Review Commission meetings,

please click here.

To view the Commission's FY 2011/12 Recommendations, please click here.

Member Information



Member (Appointed By): Term Ending:
Louis Schmitt, Chair (Mayor Lane) 09/28/2011  
Scott Miller, Vice Chair (Councilman McCullagh) 09/28/2011
Bob Berlese (Councilwoman Milhaven) 09/28/2011
R. Lamar Whitmer (Councilwoman Borowsky)    09/28/2011
Vacant (Councilwoman Klapp) 09/28/2011
Luke Ford (Councilman Robbins)   09/28/2011
Graham Kettle (Vice Mayor Littlefield)   09/28/2011


Staff Contact Information

Staff representatives:
Brent Stockwell, Senior Advisor, 480-312-7288
Judy McIlroy, Budget Manager, 480-312-2603; Budget and Finance