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Commercial Tenant Improvements

The City of Scottsdale is now processing Commercial Tenant Improvements (TIs) using a two-tiered process that will allow certain types of TIs to be reviewed, and permits issued. 

Our intent is to provide an improved level of customer service, while at the same time seeing to it that the project is in compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. The table below identifies the review timelines, applicable criteria, and who to ask for when you come into the One Stop Shop with your plans.


Counter Plan

TI/comm remodel Review

2,000 sq ft MAX
Group B or M occupancy ONLY
Single-story, non-structural
No use changes
Do not require a Use Permit
No exterior work*

Groups A, B, E or M occupancy ONLY
Non Structural
No use changes
No Use Permit required
Little or no exterior work*

Ask for a Counter Plan Reviewer
Hours: Mon-Tues & TH-Fri 8 AM to 4 PM 
   Wednesdays 9 AM to 4 PM 

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Development Services Rep

*(other than roof mounted equipment that is fully screened.


Thank you for participating in this new customer service. Please remember to fill out a Customer Feeback Card and let us know how you like the service. Any suggestions that you feel will make this service better are appreciated and welcome.


Ed Peaser C. B. O.
Plan Review Manager
Michael Clack, C. B. O.
Chief Development Officer


Submittal Checklists & Forms

Submittal Requirements

Fee Sheets

Tenant Improvement (TI) Checklist - Planning Only (pdf/38kb/2pp)

e-Application for Plan Review & Permitting

TI Digital Submittal Process

Commercial and Multi-Family Architectural Review Checklist - Planning Only (pdf/230kb/6pp) 

Site Plan Notes - Planning Only (pdf/114kb/1p)

All exterior changes to a commercial building need, at a minimum, a staff approval. This includes:

  • Landscape changes
  • Repainting (pdf/59kb/2pp)
  • Installation of an awning
  • Installation of a roll up security blind over a window

None of the above need a permit but all need a staff approval or, at times, full DRB approval.

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