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Single Family Building & Development Notes

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Single-Family Plan Requirements - ESL Areas


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1991 ESLO Notes:

Upper Desert & Hillside Landforms

  1. Land designated as NAOS shall be permanently maintained as open space. The entire Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) will be permanently maintained as natural area open space through easement, donation, and dedication to the city or other entity. NAOS shall be maintained by the property owner.
  2. Non-indigenous plant materials are limited to enclosed areas and shall not exceed 20 feet in height.
  3. Turf is limited to enclosed areas not visible offsite or lower elevations.
  4. Reflective building materials are prohibited.
  5. No paint colors shall be used which have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) greater than 40%. (LRV measures the amount of light reflected by a color and is available from paint manufacturers).
  6. Exterior materials and paint colors shall not exceed a value and/or chroma of 6 as indicated in the Munsel Book of Color on file in the City Planning Department (Samples may be required).

2004 ESLO Notes:

Site & Structure Development Design Standards

  1. Mirrored surfaces or any treatments which change ordinary glass into a mirrored surface are prohibited.
  2. Reflective building and roofing materials (other than windows) including materials with high gloss finishes and bright, untarnished copper, aluminum, galvanized steel or other metallic surfaces, shall be textured or have a matte or non-reflective surface treatment to reduce the reflections of sunlight onto other property.
  3. Materials used for exterior surfaces of all structures shall blend in color, hue, and tone with the surrounding natural desert setting to avoid high contrast.
  4. Surface materials of walls, retaining walls or fences shall be similar to and compatible with those of the adjacent main buildings.
  5. Development design and construction techniques should blend scale, form and visual character into the natural landform and minimize exposed scars.
  6. Exterior lighting should be low scale and directed downward, recessed or shielded so that the light source is not visible from residential development in the area or from a public viewpoint.
  7. No paint colors shall be used within any landform that have a LRV greater than thirty-five (35) percent.
  8. Exterior paint and material colors shall not exceed a value of six (6) and a chroma of six (6) as indicated in the Munsell Book of Color on file in the Planning Department.
  9. Plant materials that are not indigenous to the ESL area shall be limited to enclosed yard areas and non-indigenous plants that have the potential of exceeding twenty (20) feet in height are prohibited. A list of indigenous plants is available from the Planning Department. Outdoor community recreation facilities, including parks and golf courses shall be allowed turf as specified in section 6.1070G1.j.
  10. Turf shall be limited to enclosed areas not visible offsite from lower elevation. Outdoor recreation facilities, including parks and golf courses, shall be exempt from this standard.
  11. All equipment appurtenant to underground facilities, such as surface mounted utility transformers, pull boxes, pedestal cabinets, service terminals or other similar on-the-ground facilities, shall have an exterior treatment that has a LRV of less than thirty-five (35) percent or otherwise screened from view from the adjoining properties.
  12. Any proposed modifications to natural watercourses and all walls and fences crossing natural watercourses shall be designed in accordance with the standards and policies specified in chapter 37 (drainage and floodplain ordinance) of the City of Scottsdale Revised Code.


Foothills Overlay Notes

  1. All parking or staging areas located on a parcel shall be screened from the street and from neighboring properties by low undulating walls and/or berms
  2. All exterior lighting below 3 feet in height shall be fully shielded. All exterior lighting above 3 feet in height shall consist of horizontal full-cutoff fixtures and directed downward.
  3. All exterior lights including those mounted to buildings/structures and on poles shall not exceed a height of 16 feet.
  4. Exemption: Security lights that are connected to a delay switch that do not stay on more than 15 minutes shall not be required to be shielded or contain horizontal cut-offs.

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