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Single Family Residential Process

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Any residential improvement that involves 25% or more of the existing structure; and/or adds more than 25% to the original structure, requires that
fire sprinklers be installed
in the entire home.


Any residential improvement that involves 50% or more of the existing structure; and/or adds more than 50% to the original structure, requires that
entire structure must be
brought up to the current
Building Code standards

Water & Sewer improvements may be required.

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Pre-Application For Single Family Residential Plans

Planning and Development is introducing a new process for Single Family Residential Plans.

This process is optional for Single Family Residential plans and may be beneficial to the applicant before submitting their Single Family plans. 

If you are a property owner, prospective owner, developer, architect or real estate agent and would like to meet with City Staff to get in depth information on a property before you design your single family home, here is the process for you. 

  1. Submit the Pre-Application for Single Family Residential Plans with the submittal requirements to One Stop Shop (fee required).
  2. Notification of your scheduled meeting.  You will meet with a representative from the Planning Department and a Stormwater Engineer to discuss the property and the plans for the single family residence.
  3. City staff will inform you of any major issues with the property and guide you through the Single Family Residential review process.  This process will facilitate the elimination of surprises during the Single Family review process. Our goal is to create a smoother and quicker Single Family plan review. 

Submittal Requirements Summary

Allowed Uses in Single-Family Districts

Residential Plan Review

Do you need an Architect?

Required Fire Flow Test


Flood Insurance Rate Map Information - FEMA Block 

Undeveloped Lot with an ESL Overlay?

The city has created an instructional diagram (pdf/49kb/1p) that demonstrates how to determine the buildable lot area for vacant parcels in ESL areas.  


Standards Plans

Attached Residential Patio Cover (pdf/529KB/8pp)
Carport Enclosure to Garage (pdf/458KB/8pp)
Detached Garage / Storage Shed (pdf/1MB/13pp)
Masonry Fence / Wall  (pdf/1MB/10pp)


Single-Family Resources

Multi-Family Resources

Questions? Contact the Planning & Development Customer Relations Office at 480-312-7800 or e-mail planninginfo@scottsdaleaz.gov.


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Required Fire Flow Test

The City requires a "Fire Flow Test" on all projects which require waterline extensions and or Commercial Fire Protection Systems including multi-family (apartments, condos, etc.) developments. We also require different levels of "Basis of Design" reports on these types of projects. As far as "single family residences" are concerned, a pressure test is required as a function of the building and sprinkler system review.

A "certified" flow test is required for commercial sprinklers and extensions, which includes an encroachment permit. For single family, just a "certified" pressure test is required - no fire flow test unless an extension is included.


Do you need an Architect?

In some instances, you may not need an Architect (A.R.S. 32-144.A.3-4 leaving cos (gif 340b) ).  There are times, however, when a Structural Engineer would be required, even if an Architect is not.  To determine the specific requirements for your project, call the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration leaving cos (gif 340b) at 602-364-4930.

While it is not always required, it is recommended that you hire an architect or a builder to help you through any project that requires permits and inspections. A licensed professional can help you through the process, and one that has a proven record of success in developing in established neighborhoods can provide invaluable insight for your project.

If you do hire a professional, make sure they visit your home and have them demonstrate to you how your project will affect your neighbors.


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