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Shade Stucture Submittal Requirements

The 2006 family of codes typically identifies shade structures as temporary structures.   

Freestanding Shade Structure

If the shade structure is a free standing awning, and under 200 sq. ft., a permit is typically not required.  However, the shade structure must comply with all zoning and Development Review Board requirements.  In addition, the structure is required to adhere to setbacks, proper height, and any stipulations that may apply.   Site plan review and approval is provided through the Planning Services staff at the One Stop Shop counter, 7447 E Indian School Road, Ste 100.

Shade structure Attached to a Building

If the structure is being attached to a building, the city requires submittal of a minor plan showing how the building will accommodate the weight of the awning, attachment, etc.  A city inspection will be required to verify it was installed as per plan.  A plan and permit are required. 

Please Submit:

  1. Site plan - layout to show location of structure within property boundaries (including distant from existing buildings/structures and property lines
  2. Footing/foundation design
  3. Engineering/manufacturing specifications (specific to site and in compliance with current building code) including:
    • Wind uplift (to ensure the structure will not fly away)
    • Deadload
    • Foundation specifications
  4. Plans need to indicate size of structure, type of materials being used, i.e. whether the covering is canvas or steel



Contact Plan Review at 480-312-7080 for more information.

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