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What to Know Before you Begin your Project

In an effort to help you understand BEFORE you begin all the impacts of your proposal, and the costs, the city has developed a list of issues that can surprise homeowners and significantly affect the project budget and/or timeline ...more

Homeowners should check the deed restrictions in their subdivision, since these deed restrictions may be more stringent than the City ordinances. A Development Services representative will assist you with the city Zoning Ordinance concerning: required setbacks, easements, and legal descriptions. 


Submittal Requirements

General Building Requirements

For Green Building, Applicant must have Green Building application form filled out and signed by Anthony Floyd or Travis Lindsey.

Single-Family Custom Home Submittal Packet


Plan check fees are to be paid at the time of application for plan check.

Client is charged for the air-conditioned and the non air-conditioned square footage of the house. In addition, they are charged for the grading and drainage, per sheet based on landform. Fences and retaining walls are charged per linear foot.

Plan checks for home improvements can be made over the counter by Development Services.

Plan checks for new single-family residences and other new construction are also submitted at the Development Services One Stop Shop. 

Minor Home Improvements, Additions & Remodels

For smaller residential remodels/additions, the city offers an over-the-counter plan review and permitting process, available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, opening at 9 AM on Wednesdays. Review is completed over the counter at the One Stop Shop.

Which projects qualify for the over-the-counter plan review?

  • Remodels or Additions less than 1000 SF - no second floor additions.
  • Patio additions and enclosures.
  • Carports enclosures into garages or livable space.
  • Garage conversions to livable space.
  • Non-habitable accessory buildings less than 1000 SF.
  • Solar panels that are in compliance with City of Scottsdale placement guidelines.
During busy waiting periods, only one plan per customer will be honored.


Projects zoned Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) must be submitted for review.

Properties with non-conforming structures and/or properties requiring additional research may be submitted for review.

Projects north of the CAP will require some planning input before approving for over-the-counter review. Please ask to speak with a Planner.

Documents Required:

1. Two (2) Complete sets of building plans including:

  • Dimensioned foundation plan showing existing structural supports and or posts
  • Dimensioned floor plan
  • Roof framing plan
  • if engineered trusses are used, submit the manufacturer sealed calcs and a keyed roof framing plan
  • Minimum of 2 sections
  • Minimum of 2 elevations
  • Material specifications
  • Construction details keyed to plans

2. Three (3) site plans including:

  • Lot Address
  • Property owners name, address, and phone number
  • All lot dimensions
  • All easements on property
  • Location of the house and any additional structures on the property including dimensions of the structures to the property line and existing adjacent structures
  • For remodeling of, the existing residence. List the square footage of the existing livable area, any attached garage or carport, and any attached patio
  • List square footage of area being remodeled or enclosed
  • Complete attached FEMA block and add to site plan

3. Water meter calc sheet to be completed it adding any new water fixtures

When building plans are approved, and permit fees paid, a permit is issued. Failure to obtain a building permit within 180 days of submitting plans requires the resubmission of the plans and payment of the appropriate plan review fees. Prior to the plan review expiration date, the Development Services Director may grant a one time 180-day extension depending on the relationship of the plans to the current codes.

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