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Plan Review Extensions

Plans are discarded after 180 days of inactivity. If the plans have been discarded a new submittal will be necessary.


To Request an Extension of a Plan Review:

  1. Contact a Development Services counter representative to verify if the plans are still on file with the city.

  2. If the plans are still on file with the city, submit the required engineering plans, and a letter requesting a time extension which states the reason that the delay has been beyond the control of the applicant, at the Development Services counter.

    Projects south of the Central Arizona Project canal must submit 1 new, unmarked copy of the approved engineering plan, for an hourly review.

    Projects north of the Central Arizona Project canal must submit 3 new, unmarked copies of an engineering plan designed to current requirements, for an hourly review.

  3. A counter representative will log in the engineering plans, deliver the engineering plans to Engineering Plan Review, and deliver the letter requesting a time extension and the approved building plans to Building Plan Review.

  4. Engineering Plan Review will review the plans to determine if they comply with current requirements. The hourly fee and the approved plans or the plans requiring corrections will be returned to the Development Services counter.

  5. Building Plan Review will establish the extension date and required review fees if applicable, and return the building plans and a completed extension approval letter to the Development Services counter.

  6. A counter representative will calculate the accumulated fees and contact the applicant to pick up the approved extension. If there are no fees the extension letter may be mailed to the applicant.

Note: Extension of time does not apply to any Design Review Board stipulations.

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