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SFR:  What you need to know BEFORE you begin your project

In an effort to help you understand BEFORE you begin all the impacts of your proposal, and the costs, the city has developed the following list of issues that can surprise homeowners and significantly affect the project budget and/or timeline. 




When you move into a neighborhood with Codes, Covenants and Regulations (CC&R's) you agree to comply with the regulations as adopted. CC&R's represent a civil contract between the property owner and the property owner's association and are legally binding on the participants. Violation of CC&R's can be penalized and fined as set out in the legal section of the regulations. It is the responsibility of the property owner, not the city, to be aware of any CC&R's as part of any proposed building modification or new construction. The city does not maintain or monitor CC&R's.
CC&R's are civil in nature and as such are not enforced by the City of Scottsdale; as an example, even in an area with public streets the city of Scottsdale will not enforce the parking restrictions from the Codes and Covenants.


Development Standards

Submit a Setback Request to determine the development standards for your property.  This will provide you with where you can build on the lot, lot coverage restrictions (if applicable) and wall/fence restrictions. 



Improving or adding 25% or more of the existing structure?  Fire sprinklers must be installed in the entire home. 


Building Code

Improving or adding 50% or more of the existing structure? The entire structure must be brought up to all current Building Code standards.


Water & Sewer Extensions/Connections

Not contected to city water and/or sewer?  There are several cases where water & sewer extensions/connections may be required.  For instance, for additions and renovations equal to or greater than 50% of the existing structures, water & sewer improvements may be required.  Water/Sewer extensions must be approved PRIOR to plan submittal for the remodel; this process takes 4 to 6 months.  In addition, the "average" cost to construct a water line extension is around $100 per linear foot; this can have a significant impact on your budget.  ...More Info...


Wash Modifications

If wash modifications are being requested, a Wash Modification Application must be made and approvals received PRIOR to plan submittal.   This typically takes 2 months.  ...More Info...


Historic Neighborhoods

Is your home located in one of the city's designated historic districts?  Before you make any alterations affecting the exterior appearance you will need to obtain a Certificate of No Effect or Certificate of Appropriateness.  Contact Steve Venker, Historic Preservation Officer, at 480-312-2831 PRIOR to submitting your plans. Check out the Historic Properties Rehabilitation Program.


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