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Conditional Use Permits

Depending upon the underlying zoning district of the site, a conditional use permit may or may not be required for a specific use.

The use permit process begins with a pre-application and requires a public hearing by both the Planning Commission and City Council. Once granted, a use permit typically stays with the land and does not expire when the property or business changes ownership (unless stipulated at time of granting); use permits can, however, be revoked by the City Council.

For further clarification or direction on your specific request, call 480-312-7000.

Use Permit Revocation

The City Council may revoke or modify a conditional use permit upon a finding of:

  1. A material change in the conditional use without an amendment; or
  2. Material noncompliance with the conditions prescribed upon issuance of the conditional use permit or with representations by the permittee as to the nature of the conditional use to be conducted; or
  3. Operation of the conditional use in such a manner as to cause a substantial detrimental impact on neighboring persons or property.

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