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Development Review Minor Applications

A Development Review Minor is a staff approval for development review involving minor exterior improvements. Scottsdale's Zoning Ordinance states that Development Review Minor requests may be administered by staff, as opposed to the Development Review Board. For processing timeframes, refer to the Planning and Development Services' substantive Policy Statements and Staff Review Timeframes for Development applications (pdf/352kb). (See Development Review Minor Process Flowchart pdf/91kb/1p)


Typical situations that qualify include:

  • upgrading landscaping on a commercial or multi-family property.
  • adding an entry feature to a commercial or multi-family building.
  • adding entry gates to a subdivision or apartment complex.
  • color changes to a commercial or multi-family building.  

Additions or changes to detached single family residences may submit for Construction Document plan review without a Development Review approval.  Attached, condominium, and multi-family residential developments will need a Development Review Minor approval for any exterior changes.


Application Procedures

  • The application process begins with a pre-application.

  • Submit the complete form with all attachments and pay the application fee at the One Stop Shop, or submit online.

  • City staff will review applications on a case-by-case basis and determine whether the proposed project is eligible for Development Review Minor or must go through the Development Review Board hearing process.    

Next Steps

If your project requires a building permit or construction Document approval, submit the Construction documents for Plan Review with a copy of the Development Review Minor letter.   For minor changes that do not require permits and do not require a Construction Document approval, you may begin your project.  Please keep a copy of the Development Review Minor approval letter on site.