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Entitlement / Vesting

Entitlement is a term used in the Development industry that describes the process of obtaining all necessary approvals to develop a particular parcel - but does not include the review of specific construction plans. 


For the city of Scottsdale, the entitlement process typically requires at least one public hearing, depending upon what the developer is proposing and how much of the applicable codes, ordiances, policies are in line with that proposal.  It is that stage of the development process that occurs prior to submitting of plans for review.  (Scottsdale includes design review from the Development Review Board as a part of entitlement process as it requires a public hearing.)

Your development process will be determined at your Pre-application (PA) meeting.

A few examples:

  • If the zoning for the property is in place and the developer isn't requesting any variations from setbacks, etc, but the particular use intended is listed as "conditional" in the zoning ordiance, then a Conditional Use Permit is required - a Planning Commission and a City Council hearing is required.
  • New single-family residential that complies with the zoning already in place does NOT require any public hearings - the land is already vested with development rights, or "entitled" to build a new home.


Approval Processes by Project Type

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