Dirt Hauls

Haul Permit/City Review required:

  • For less than 5,000 cubic yards as determined by the Chief Development Officer or designee (based on potential impacts)
  • For over 5,000 cubic yards of dirt or debris that require use of public rights-of-way
  • Hauls that do not require use of public-rights-of-way but have potential impacts
  • For all capital project truck hauls that meet the above criteria

City Review Process: 

  1. Complete a dirt haul application (pdf/51kb/2pp) or call Field Engineering at 480-312-5750 or 480-312-2500.
  2. Submit the completed dirt haul application to Bill Kalber/Field Engineering by e-mail to bkalber@ScottsdaleAz.gov  or fax to 480-312-5704.
  3. The application will be reviewed to ensure appropriate barricades, traffic control, dust control, SWPPP, truck routing and advance community notification are in place.

Application information to include:

  1. Barricade design (if needed)
  2. Community notification
  3. Truck Route Map -see map of truck routes (pdf/395kb/1p)

City will specify notification requirements to inform property owners in the vicinity of the dirt haul route. See Dirt Haul Neighborhood Notification Packet (pdf/216kb/3pp)


Additional Resources


Staff Contact:

Bill Kalber, Field Engineering Supervisor

Phone: 480-312-8122

E-mail: bkalber@ScottsdaleAz.gov

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