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Special Event Packet FAQs

What are Special Events and how are they regulated?

Special events are defined and regulated by the Scottsdale Zoning Ordinance (see Zoning Ordinance Section 3.100 for definitions and Section 7.900 – 7.930 for special event regulations).   Generally, special events are temporary outdoor uses, which extend beyond the normal uses, and standards allowed by the Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Ordinance contains regulations limiting the duration and frequency of special events.   Special regulations apply to specific types of events, which may be restricted to certain zoning districts.  Special events require permit(s), which are reviewed and approved by the Special Events Committee.  

How do I apply for a Special Event permit?

The first step in the process is to submit the Special Event Pre-Application and Concurrent Application form and all required materials and the $87 pre-application fee in person to the One-Stop-Shop located at 7447 East Indian School Road. All checks shall be payable to “City of Scottsdale.”

After this packet has been accepted at the One-Stop-Shop, a staff member will contact the Applicant within five (5) Staff Working Days to schedule a meeting with the Special Event Committee. Generally, a meeting is scheduled within five (5) to fifteen (15) Staff Working Days from the date of the submittal. Meetings are held Wednesdays at our Current Planning office located at, 7447 E. Indian School Rd, suite 105. Please contact Current Planning at 480-312-7000 with questions. 

Who reviews special event applications?

 The committee is comprised of representatives of various city departments with differing areas of expertise. The Committee’s goal is to permit events which are safe and do not adversely impact area residents and businesses. The meeting is informal and you can ask questions, solicit suggestions, and even modify your event plans. Once an application is approved, the Special Event Permit fee is $105 (fees subject to change every July). 

Who can I contact in the City with questions and/or comments?

Please contact Plan Review and Permit Services staff for assistance:

Nicole Curtis
Planning Specialist
Cheryl Sumners
Special Event Committee Chair

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