Special Events

Scottsdale is a place where events and activities occur year round.  It is the City’s goal to permit events that are safe and minimize adverse impacts to the quality of life for Scottsdale residents and business owners.

What are Special Events? 

Special Events are temporary outdoor uses which extend beyond the normal uses and standards allowed by the Zoning Ordinance.

Types of events include, but are not limited to: walks, runs, cycling and sporting events, musical performances, culinary and art festivals, street festivals, parades, tours, automobile auctions, and community celebrations. 


Permit Process

The Special Events Committee reviews applications and approves Special Event permits. The Committee contains staff representatives from various departments including Tourism & Events, Transportation, Police, Fire, Code Enforcement and Community Services.

The permit process consists of two steps:

1.  Event Application Review.  Submit a Special Event Application (pdf/508kb) either digitally online or in person at the City's Development Services department located at 7447 E. Indian School Road, Ste. 100.

  • The application review fee will be required as part of the submittal.
  • Once a complete application is submitted, it will automatically be scheduled for Committee review.
  • The Special Event Committee meets every Wednesday morning between 9am-11am.
  • The applicant will be provided with a scheduled time to come discuss the event request with the Committee to answer any questions and determine if any changes are required.
  • If all information is known, a decision on the event will be made at the meeting for approval, conditional approval, or denial of the event request.

2.  Permit Issuance.  Once the event is approved and all required items and documents have been received by City staff (insurance, barricade plan, revised site plan, property owner approval, etc.) then the permit is ready to be issued and the applicant will be notified by the Tourism & Events staff.

  • Permits must be obtained prior to the event.
  • Permits are issued at the Development Services department located at 7447 E. Indian School Road, Ste. 100.
  • Payment for the special event permit will be collected at time of permit issuance.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or any major credit card.


Additional Applications

Tourism Event Support
For questions regarding the Tourism Event Funding Programs please call the Tourism and Events Department at 480-312-2728.


There are event spaces located within the Downtown which include the Marshall Way Bridge and Plaza, the Waterfront/Canal Banks, the Soleri Bridge and Plaza, the Civic Center Mall area, and the Scottsdale Stadium.  To inquire about availability, please contact:

Bridge, Waterfront, or Plaza - Ben Moriarity, Downtown Specialist, 480-312-2459, bmoriarity@scottsdaleaz.gov

Civic Center Mall - Andrea Anderson, Facilities Rental Manager, 480-874-4604, AndreaA@sccarts.org

Scottsdale Stadium - Stephanie Tippett, Asst. Stadium Coordinator, 480-312-2856, stippett@scottsdaleaz.gov

Additionally SRP review and approval is required for any Downtown events proposed for the following areas:

  • Marshall Way or Soleri Bridge
  • Property within 65' of the SRP canal (SRP owns this buffer area on either side of the canal) 
Contact: Matt StreeperEmail: Matt.streeper@srpnet.com

Phone: 602.236.3105
Refer to: SRP permit information


Staff contacts  

Nicole Curtis
Events Specialist
Event Application Coordination
Film Permits
Temporary Liquor License Extensions
Cheryl Sumners 
Events Concierge
Event Development
Special Event Committee Chair


Need Help? 

Special Event Questions
Tourism & Events - Nicole Curtis

Event Development Questions
Tourism & Events - Cheryl Sumners


Event Race Route Questions
Police - Sgt. Wesley Shaffer


Barricade Plan Questions
Transportation - Walt Brodzinski


Tent or Fire Code Questions
Fire Department - Kerry Swick


Refuse Services
Solid Waste - Jim Spahn


Permitting Questions
Nicole Curtis