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Operation and standards of escort vehicles

Operation and standards of escort vehicles

  1. Escort vehicles shall be a passenger car or two axle truck not exceeding twenty thousand (20,000) pounds gross vehicle weight and be capable of displaying the warning devices
  2. Each escort vehicle shall display red flags twelve (12) inches square on all corners of the vehicle, and display an "oversize load" sign facing traffic approaching the vehicle or load being escorted.
  3. Warning lamps in accordance with 28-947.D, Arizona Revised Statutes, are required. Four-way emergency flashers are unacceptable for use as warning lamps unless they are used in conjunction with additional overhead rotating or flashing lamp sources. All four-way emergency warning flashers, overhead flashing or rotating warning lamps shall at all times when required be in good working condition.
  4. Escort vehicles shall have their headlights and overhead warning lights on at all times when in service during the moving operation. All headlights, tail lights, other lamps, and equipment required by Title 28, Arizona Revised Statutes, shall at all times be in good working order.
  5. The distance an escort vehicle maintains shall not be more than one hundred fifty (150) feet from the escorted vehicle or load.
  6. When traveling on a route where traffic signals control the movement of traffic, if an escort vehicle passes through an intersection and the vehicle or load being escorted is required to stop, the escort vehicle shall stop as soon as possible at the right-hand side of the road when the stop can be done in safety and shall not resume until the escorted vehicle or load approaches the required distance from the escort vehicle. When the escort vehicle following an escorted vehicle or load is required to stop at an intersection, the escorted vehicle or load shall proceed in the same direction as planned and the escort shall resume its normal distance as soon as possible after being allowed to proceed through the intersection.
  7. In addition to the requirements of this section, all escort vehicles shall comply with the regulations set forth in the Arizona Department of Transportation Administrative Rules governing the movement of vehicles used as escort vehicles on public roadways.
  8. The minimum number of escorts required for any vehicle or load meeting the listed dimensions shall be as follows:
Excess of 14'--20' 
Excess of 20'
1 front and 1 rear escort
2 front and 2 rear escorts
Excess of 20' to the front
Excess of 20' to the rear
1 front escort
1 rear escort
Excess of 15'
Excess of 17'
1 front escort
1 front and 1 rear escort
Excess of 90'
Excess of 120'
Excess of 180'
1 front and 1 rear escort
1 front, 1 rear and 1 additional escort
1 front, 1 rear and 2 additional escorts

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