Letter of Authorization

For oversize loads not originating in Scottsdale a Letter of Authorization is required, which includes approval of the truck route. 


Application for Letter of Authorization (pdf/86kb/1p)
Application Instructions


Article XXI, Traffic Schedules, Sec. 17-1004, Truck Routes, states,

In accordance with the provisions of section 17-60 and when signs are erected giving notice of the adopted truck routes; no person shall operate any commercial vehicle exceeding ten thousand (10,000) pounds gross vehicle weight at any time upon any streets or part of a street, except for the purpose of picking up or delivering of materials or merchandise; they may leave adopted truck route by the nearest route to travel a distance no greater than three-fourths of a mile, in so doing not crossing another truck route, after which they must return immediately by the nearest route, not to exceed three-fourths of a mile, and in so doing, shall not cross another Truck Routeslinks to external site.

Users operating under overdimensional/overweight load permits duly issued by the City of Scottsdale may transport such loads over Scottsdale's authorized truck routes as annotated above and on the approved truck route map. Users must comply with all applicable restrictions as cited in the City Ordinance

Users are expected to drive the route at least 24 hours in advance of the transport to ensure it will accommodate the transport. If there is construction on the routes, they may call the Capital Improvement Projects office at 480-312-7696 (or visit their website at (www.scottsdaleaz.gov/CapitalProjects/project_list) to ensure routes will be clear of construction activity on the day of transport. If it will not be clear, users must must obtain approval through the Traffic Engineering Department for alternative routes or delay the transport until construction activity on the pre-approved routes has been completed.

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