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Permit Application Instructions

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Permit Application Form (pdf/126kb/1p)

Approval Flow Chart (pdf/32kb/1p)

Map of Truck Routes (pdf/132kb/1p)



Instructions for obtaining an overdimensional/overweight permit

  1. Download and complete a permit application form.
  2. Return completed application form and all required documentation to Traffic Engineering by fax to 480-312-4000 or in person to Traffic Engineering Attn: ROW Manager, 7447 E Indian School Road, Suite 205, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251.  Must include:  load dimensions, axle loads, a load diagram, route map, and a structural engineer's certification if required, and documentation if a police escort is required.
  3. Traffic Engineering will review the application, routes, and load capacities and will either approve or deny the application.  In the event the application is denied, Traffic Engineering will contact the client directly to coordinate revisions to the application in order to obtain approval.
  4. Upon approval, Traffic Engineering will provide the One Stop Shop permit services staff with the approved application. 
  5. The One Stop Shop will contact the customer to arrange for payment, signature and pick-up.
  6. The permit MUST be displayed in the vehicle during transport. 

General Permit Requirements

  • All loads traveling on State or Federal routes do not need to obtain a permit from Scottsdale - so long as they do not leave those routes.  If they do, they must apply for the appropriate permit from Scottsdale and submit all required documentation to Traffic Engineering.
  • All loads traveling on Scottsdale roads (other than State or Federal roads) must stay on the approved routes depicted on the current map of approved truck routes.  Loads leaving these routes must provide a copy of the proposed route plan, along with weights, dimensions, axles, etc. and obtain a pre-approval from Traffic Engineering.
  • Where an envelope permit's load destination is Scottsdale, the return trip requires a paid Scottsdale permit.
  • When applying for a Letter of Authorization (a companion to an envelope permit) due to the load leaving State or Federal roads, a copy of the envelope permit must be submitted along with all required documents, and pre-approval must be obtained.
  • Loads being transported using an annual permit must remain on the currently approved truck routes, and may not exceed the dimension and load limitations for which the permit is issued.  If they do, they must obtain pre-approval from Traffic Engineering.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to confirm loads and validate routes.  It may be necessary to hire a professional surveyor to provide Traffic Engineering a certified letter that validates the loads and routes.
  • Permits are issued for a specific vehicle, identified by the vehicle identification and license plate numbers.  Permits are not transferable to other vehicles.


Customers should allow 5-10 business days for processing of applications.  

For further questions, contact Traffic Engineering at 480-312-7757.

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