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Oversize/Overweight Loads

General Information

Load moving within Scottsdale?

Permit restrictions and conditions

Operation and standards of escort vehicles

Oversize load signs

Overweight Axle Group Chart (pdf/141kb/2pp)


A Permit is Required

No person shall move or cause another to move, an oversize or overweight load on City streets without:

  • The permit required by Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 28, Chapter 3, Article 18, and
  • For very large loads, the permit required by the City under the Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 17, Article 7.

Any oversize or overweight load moved on city streets without a valid permit shall be parked clear of traffic until the requirements of this article are met and a permit is issued.

The applicant shall provide proof that all vehicles are properly registered in accordance with the applicable laws of the State of Arizona and provide satisfactory evidence of financial responsibility for all vehicles used in the move.

Notify and obtain the written permission of the owners of all traffic signals, traffic signs, overhead lines, or any other property subject to disturbance or damage by the moving operation. The applicant shall be responsible for the restoration of any public or private property disturbed or damaged by the moving operation.

The applicant is required to submit for review the State of Arizona envelope permit and/or an actual vehicle inspection prior to issuing a City of Scottsdale Letter of Authorization.

Barricade Plans, if required, are subject to approval by the City prior to the issuing of a permit.


Liability for damage

Any person who operates or causes another to operate any vehicle upon any street under the jurisdiction of the City of Scottsdale shall be liable for all damage to any street, light, sign or other property of the city even if authorized by permit.

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