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Oversize/Overweight Loads

Oversize/Overweight Permits and Regulations

When operating on city streets, all oversize/overweight loads require a permit from the state, and excessive oversize/overweight loads require an additional permit from the city. See exceptions below.

  • Oversize/overweight loads are those that are bigger than the following (but smaller than the excessive oversize/overweight loads below):
    • 13.5’ High
    • 8.5’ Wide
    • 65’ Long
    • 123,500 lbs.

    These loads require a state permit, but no additional city permit because these loads do not need special route planning or escorts.

  • Excessive oversize/overweight loads are those that are bigger than the following:
    • 16’ High 
    • 14’ Wide 
    • 95’ Long
    • 250,000 lbs.
    • 6 axles

    OSOW Image

    Excessive oversize/overweight loads require a state permit, and an additional city permit, because these loads typically need special route planning and escort vehicles. If a load has an origin or destination in, or route through, Scottsdale, a city permit is required to address safety and liability issues.

  • Exceptions:
    • A state permit may not be required for an excessive oversize/overweight load if the load stays exclusively in Scottsdale and does not use the 101.
    • A city permit may not be required for an excessive oversize/overweight load if the load uses only the 101 as its route through Scottsdale.

Additional Information

  • Letters of Authorization are no longer required.
  • Any oversize or overweight load moved on city streets without a valid permit shall be parked clear of traffic until the requirements of this article are met and a permit is issued.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to confirm loads and validate routes. It may be necessary to hire a professional surveyor to provide Traffic Engineering a certified letter that validates the loads and routes.
  • Permits are issued for a specific vehicle, identified by the vehicle identification and license plate numbers. Permits are not transferable to other vehicles.
  • The permit MUST be carried in the vehicle during transport.
  • The applicant shall provide proof that all vehicles are properly registered in accordance with the applicable laws of the State of Arizona and provide satisfactory evidence of financial responsibility for all vehicles used in the move.
  • Notify and obtain the written permission of the owners of all traffic signals, traffic signs, overhead lines, or any other property subject to disturbance or damage by the moving operation. The applicant shall be responsible for the restoration of any public or private property disturbed or damaged by the moving operation.
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  1. Download and complete a permit application(pdf/150kb) form.
  2. Return completed application form and all required documentation to Traffic Engineering by fax to 480-312-4000 or by email to wbro@scottsdaleaz.gov.
  3. Traffic Engineering may contact the applicant for more information.
  4. Upon approval, One Stop Shop will process the permit and contact the applicant when the permit is ready.


Any person who operates or causes another to operate any vehicle upon any street under the jurisdiction of the City of Scottsdale shall be liable for all damage to any street, light, sign or other property of the city even if authorized by permit.

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