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Liquor License Information

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Below is a list of the different series of liquor license applications available at the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (AZ DLLC) and a guide to the City of Scottsdale’s review process.

To coordinate your AZ DLLC Liquor License with the City of Scottsdale review process, locate the series of license for which you are applying from the list below. Once you have determined if the application is permanent or temporary license, click on the review process link for additional information.

If you are unsure of what series of license you may need please visit the AZ DLLC.

Types of Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses Applications

Permanent Licenses - Review Process

Temporary Licenses - Review Process

Series 1-In State Producer

Series 2-Out of State Producer

Series 3-Domestic Microbrewery

Series 4-Wholesaler

Series 5-Government

Series 6-Bar

Series 7-Beer and Wine Bar

Series 8-Conveyance

Series 9-Liquor Store

Series 10 Beer and Wine Store

Series 11 Hotel-Motel

Series 12 Restaurant

Series 13 Domestic Farm Winery

Series 14 Club (Private)

Series 17 Direct Shipment

Series 18 In-State Craft Distiller

Series 19 Remote Tasting Room

Permanent Extension of Premise


Series 15-Special Event

Series 16-Wine Festival/ Wine Fair

Temporary Extension of Premise



Permanent Liquor License

These are AZ DLLC applications and the license is issued by the AZ DLLC. The permanent liquor license application process begins at the AZ DLLC located at 800 W. Washington, 5th floor in Phoenix. All applications must to be submitted directly to the state to start the process, with the exception of the permanent extension of premises. The permanent extension of premise state application is submitted to the City to start the process.

The State will send the liquor license application to the City for review and recommendation. The City’s role in reviewing your liquor license application is to make a recommendation to the State on whether or not the liquor license should be issued. When the City receives an application from the State, City staff will contact the applicant regarding the process timeline. The applicant will need to complete and submit a City liquor license questionnaire appropriate for your specific type of business. 

City Questionnaire for Restaurant/Bar (pdf/136kb)
City Questionnaire for Retail/Wholesale Establishment (pdf/372kb)

The City questionnaire is required to initiate the City’s review process.

It is important to be aware of the City’s zoning requirements prior to committing to a business location or submitting a liquor license application to the state. For instance, bars may require a Conditional Use Permit, which may take 4-6 months to process. This may then delay the issuance of a liquor license.

City Council review occurs at a public hearing, typically held in the Scottsdale City Hall Kiva, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

Once approved, the City will send the recommendation to the AZ DLLC. The approximate processing time from date of submittal to the state is 65-105 days.

Staff Contact:  Teri Gleason, Coordination Specialist

Permanent Extension of Premise

Extension of Premise is an AZ DLLC  application to extend the footprint of an existing licensed footprint. All applications need to be notarized and submitted directly to the City of Scottsdale Current Planning Department at 7447 E Indian School Rd Suite 105 to start the process. You will need to have a dimensioned site plan to show the existing licensed area and the new proposed area. This may require a Development Review Board approval for any improvements made. If any exterior improvements are proposed, a Pre-Application meeting with City staff is required.

The City of Scottsdale role is to make a recommendation to the State on whether or not the liquor license footprint should be enlarged. Once the City receives an Arizona Department of Liquor License application from the applicant, City staff will contact the applicant on the process timeline. Once a recommendation is made by the City Council the applicant may hand carry the recommendation to the state to expedite the process or staff will mail the recommendation to the State.

Staff Contact:  Teri Gleason, Coordination Specialist

Temporary Liquor License

Temporary Liquor License requests are AZ DLLC  applications. All completed applications need to be submitted to the City of Scottsdale first to initiate the process.  When the temporary liquor license is part of a Special Event, coordinate through the Special Event process

The City’s role is to make a recommendation to the State on whether or not the liquor license should be issued. When the City receives an application from the applicant, City staff will contact the applicant on the process timeline.

Once approved, the City will send the approval form to the State. The applicant may choose to deliver the signed application form to the state to expedite the process.

  • Temporary Licenses contact Nicole Curtis, Planning Specialist
  • Wine Festivals/Wine Fair contact Cheryl Sumners, Special Event Committe Chair
  • Series 15 Licenses contact Tax and License

    Staff contacts:

    Teri Gleason
    Coordination Specialist

    Jeff Ruenger
    Planning Admin Manager
    Nicole Curtis
    Planning Specialist
    Cheryl Sumners
    Special Event Committee Chair

    Tax and License: 480-312-2400

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