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Filming in Scottsdale

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All requests for photo shoots, commercials, television, feature films or any other film production that utilize City property or right-of-way must be coordinated with Development Services at 480-312-7000.

Prior to filming a film permit must be obtained. Filming on public property is regulated by the Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 16: Sec. 16-431 through Sec. 16-451.

Permission to film on city property must be obtained by the applicant from the appropriate City Facility staff such as the Parks Department, Scottsdale Airport, or other City facilities prior to submitting your film permit application to Development Services. Once you receive approval from the city facility you will then need to submit your completed film permit application (pdf/73kb/3pp) to Development Services (City of Scottsdale One-Stop-Shop, 7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 100). The application will need to include the staff contact granting permission to film at the city facility.

The City requires a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Scottsdale as "additional insured" to be submitted with the completed application. Additional information is contained in the Film Permit Application form.  

If your film project requires City police officers for safety reasons, they may be contracted through the Police Department. Permitting Services staff may need to review your application with various City departments such as Police, Fire, Risk Management, and/or Traffic Engineering.

It is recommended that applicant's apply at least one week in advance of the shoot to avoid unwanted delays.

Contact List:

  • Scottsdale Airport, 480-312-8478
  • Scottsdale Stadium, 480-312-2586
  • WestWorld, 480-312-6806
  • City Parks, 480-312-7707
  • Civic Center Mall, 480-874-4607 - Scottsdale Cultural Council
  • Police Department, 480-312-5000
  • Permit Services, 480-312-2500

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