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Commercial Permit Process

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Most commercial development requires review and approval from the Development Review Board (approval of site plan, elevations, colors, landscaping, etc). Preliminary Plats, new construction and major tenant improvements all require DRB approval.

Construction within city rights-of-way, including infrastructure improvements, may require review and approval from DRB, particularly for landscaping, walls, or other aesthetic elements. Improvement plans may be submitted once DRB approval (if required) is obtained.

You must submit a pre-application to begin this approval process. Once DRB approval is obtained, submit plans for review to the One Stop Shop.

Multi-Family, Commercial and Civil, and Tenant Improvement plans should use the e-Application for Plan Review & Permitting 

Submittal Requirements

Submittal Requirements Summary
Commercial Tenant Improvements (TIs) (pdf/58KB/5pp)
Commercial Tenant Improvements 3-Tiered Review Cycles

Commercial Carport Submittal Requirements

Please Note: All pages/sheets in a commercial submittal need to be stamped and sealed.

Submittal Checklists & Forms

Detached, non-habitable structures smaller than 120 square feet in floor area do not require a permit; however, site plan approval is required.

Construction Document Requirements

Commercial and Multi-Family Architectural Review Checklist (pdf/129kb/10pp) 
Site Plan Notes (pdf / 114 kb / 1 pgs)

Commercial & Multi-Family Landscaping Plan Notes (pdf/103kb/1pp) 
Landscape Review Checklist (pdf/218kb/6pp)

Condominium Applications

All exterior changes
to a commercial building need at a minimum a development review minor. This includes:
  • Landscape changes
  • Repainting (pdf/59kb/2pp)
  • Installation of an awning
  • Installation of a roll up security blind over a window

None of the above need a permit but all require, at a minimum, a Development Review Board application. Prior to submitting an application the applicant shall first submit a pre-application request to the One Stop Shop.

Design Guidelines

Commercial Retail (pdf/45KB/16pp)

Office (pdf/397KB/27pp)

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores (pdf/154KB/8pp)

Restaurants (pdf/25KB/9pp)

Architecural & Engineering Guidelines

Lighting Guidelines

Sensitive Design Program


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