Hearing Notice Signs

As you drive through Scottsdale you may notice a variety of City of Scottsdale signs posted on property. Consider these signs an invitation to be involved in the development of the community. The purpose of the signs it to increase awareness and encourage you to comment on the development proposals described on the city’s public notice signage.

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In addition to signage, the City mails postcard notices to property owners within a 750' radius of the proposed site.

White Sign - Project Under Consideration

4'x4' Black & White Signs
Large white signs with the heading "Early Notification of Project Under Consideration" are posted on site for many projects as part of an "early awareness" program.

Large 4'x4' Red Public Hearing Sign

4'x4' Red & White Signs
Large red signs with the heading "Zoning/Public Hearings" are generally posted on site for many projects 15-30 days prior to the date of the first public hearing.


2'x3' Red & White Signs
Red and white signs with the heading "Public Hearing Notice" are generally posted on site 15-30 days prior to the public hearing.


2'x3' Green & Yellow Signs
Green and Yellow signs with the heading "Public Hearing Notice" are posted on site that is subject to review by the city. Signs are posted generally 7-14 days prior to the Board public hearing. 

2'x3' Blue & White Signs
Blue and White signs with the heading "Public Hearing Notice" are posted on site. Signs are generally posted 15-30 days prior to the public hearing.

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