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Before you dig, call Arizona Blue Stake

bluestake.jpg (138855 bytes)It's the Law: Before you dig, call Arizona Blue Stake!

At least two working days prior to beginning your project, call the Arizona Blue Stake Center at (602) 263-1100. The Center's working hours are 6:00AM to 4:30PM.


Dig Safety Tips

No matter the type of project, if it requires digging, grading, or excavating (planting a tree, installing a sprinkler system, or laying underground pipe for a construction project, for example) calling before you dig can prevent possible injury, costly damage, and/or service interruption.

  • Call the Center at (602) 263-1100 at least 2 days prior to begining your project
  • Wait for the site to be marked

  • Respect all markings

  • Know the Utility Companies in your area - not all utility companys are a part the Center; you will have to contact any utilities that service your area that are not included (when you call they will tell you which companies are included)

  • Be aware - utility companys may not mark where the line continues into your property (anything on your property is considered privately owned and maintained)

  • Dig with Care

What do the Markings mean?

The rainbow of colors painted on the sidewalk or in the yard next door is not just for decoration. These markings identify the actual location of underground utilities. The markings include seven standard colors, each identifying a different type of utility line, and are temporary and will fade over time.

  • Yellow signifies natural gas, petroleum, nitrogen, butane, and propane;
  • Blue denotes water, irrigation, and wells; and
  • Red identifies electric, traffic signals, and streetlights.

This service is provided at no charge to the customer.

For more information, refer to: www.azbluestake.com leavingcos.gif (340 bytes)

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