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Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO)

Application and Deposit information for TCO can be obtained from One Stop Shop

The following are the minimum requirements for Temp C of O:

The following inspections need to be scheduled & approved prior to requesting the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy inspection:

When you get the above approvals, then schedule a #25 (Temporary C of O) inspection.

Only after all inspections are approved can you legally occupy the home.

We are ready to assist you in this endeavor. Please phone 312-5750 if you have questions or concerns.


Inspections Required for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO)

Inspection types 013, 032, 036 (037 on Commercial or Multi-Family) MUST be requested and approved before requesting the 025. After the 025 approval the TCO will be issued. Without application, deposit and approvals, no occupancy is allowed.

For your convenience, inspections are listed in the order they are typically requested.



Inspection Type Description
013 TCO Off-Site Completed By: Public Works
Required on all Commercial, Multi-Family and SFR structures prior to the issuance of the TCO.
Inspection to assure all offsite work (if any) is in compliance with MAG specification and approved plans. 013 must be approved before 025 is approved.
032 TCO On-Site Completed By: Building Inspections
Required on all Commercial, Multi-Family and SFR structures prior to the issuance of the TCO.
Inspection to assure compliance with DRB stipulations and city approved plans. 032 must be approved before 025 is approved.
036 TCO Fire Completed By: Fire Inspections
Request 036 on Commercial, Multi-Family and SFR structures.
Inspection to assure compliance with Fire Code, city approved fire plans and amending ordinance. An approved tag will be left in the electric panel on SFR after fire inspection is approved. 036 must be approved prior to 025 approval.
037 Backflow Preventer Required on Commercial or Multi-Family.
2 inspections required: 1st inspection - to check size, type, and location per city approved plans and to check the installation per city approved detail; 2nd inspection - to check testing and certification by an approved testing agency prior to issuance of either a TCO or FCO. 037 must be tested, certified and approved before 025 is approved.
025 TCO Building Inspection includes building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections to assure compliance with city codes, city approved plans and amending ordinances.


For more informations contact Inspection Services, 480-312-5750.

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