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It's easy to contribute. This infographic shows you how!

How can I participate in Scottsdale Cares?


  • A voluntary donation option has been added to Scottsdale's monthly utility bill. Simply pay the "Grand Total" and $1.00 will be automatically donated to the program. SurePay customers can call Customer Service at 480-312-2461 to sign up.
    Note: If you don't want to participate in Scottsdale Cares via the voluntary donation on your monthly utility bill, then please pay the sum on your bill noted as "Utility Amount Due."

  • If you want to donate more than $1.00 per month to Scottsdale Cares, then please submit a check, in any amount, and made out to "Scottsdale Cares."


    Your donation check should be sent to: 

    Scottsdale Cares
    Community Assistance Office
    7515 E. 1st Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Note: Currently you cannot make a contribution to Scottsdale Cares in an amount greater than $1.00 since the city’s utility billing system can only recognize $1.00 over the “Utility Amount Due.” If you add more than $1.00, the amount will be posted as a credit to your utility bill account.


Will any of my contributions be used to pay for the administration of Scottsdale Cares?


  • No, all donated funds will be allocated for social services programs.
    Note: Please see the “Beneficiaries” section for a description of the agencies receiving funding and how they are selected.

Are my donations to Scottsdale Cares tax deductible?


  • Yes, contributors will receive a year-end total of their donations on their January utility bill that will serve as records for tax purposes.

Primary Contact

Justin Boyd, Housing Coordinator
Phone: 480-312-2479
Fax: 480-312-7761

Email: JBoyd@ScottsdaleAZ.gov

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