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Earn a Bike Program Information

What to do to Earn-a-Bike

Contact Handlebar Helpers at 480-312-2771 to find out about volunteer opportunities (pdf/284kb/2pp) in the City and to sign up for this program.  You will earn a "bike buck" for each hour of volunteer work.  These "bike bucks" can be redeemed for a reconditioned bicycle from the Handlebar Helpers Bike Shop.  About 20 hours is needed to earn a reconditioned bike.

The organization where the participant completes volunteer service, fills out "bike bucks" and submits this information to the program administration to monitor the number of hours the participant completes.

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How the Bikes are priced

The Bike Shop Supervisor and Volunteer Bike Technicians establish the price.  Bike prices are stated as the number of hours of volunteer work required to own the bike.

How  to Select Your Bike

Once the participant has completed approximately half of the volunteer hours they contact the Bike Shop to set a time to look at available bikes.  At the shop, an appropriate bike is selected from the available inventory with the help of a volunteer bike tech who then reconditions the selection.

Bike Award Ceremony

When the participant has satisfied the volunteer commitment, the bike, a helmet and a lock are awarded at a special ceremony. Each recipient receives a folder which contains a written description and picture of their bike, and a safety brochure, available in English and Spanish. The Scottsdale Police Department Bike Patrol staff supports the program and participates in this presentation. They emphasize the safety information and are good role models, as they always wear helmets and ride safely. Kids receiving bicycles are encouraged to bring their parents. Written releases are required of all recipients or their parents. Event bulletins are distributed to the local media naming each recipient.

Individual Responsibilities After a Bike is Received

  • always wear a helmet
  • lock your bicycle when you park it
  • follow all bicycle safety rules
  • keep your bicycle in good repair
  • use your bicycle for getting to work or to run errands when you can
  • continue to volunteer - your community needs you and you can earn maintenance and upgrades or a bike for a friend or relative