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Community Development Block Grant

Community Development Block Grant funds are granted yearly by the City to non-profit agencies which provide supportive social (public) services and affordable housing to Scottsdale residents with low to moderate incomes.  The Community Assistance Office works with the Human Services Commission to allocate funds and with HUD to ensure that all CDBG-funded activities are in compliance with federal regulations.  Public services are provided directly to Scottsdale citizens by the agencies as well as in Human Services facilities.


This year the Scottsdale City Council has approved the following projects.

CDBG CAPER FY2011-12 (pdf/360kb/37pp)
CDBG Annual Action Plan FY2012-13 (pdf/3363kb/48pp)
CDBG Annual Action Plan FY2011-12 (pdf/243kb/24pp)
CDBG CAPER FY2010-11 (pdf/585kb/35pp)

Contact the Community Assistance Office for more information at (480) 312-7647.