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The Five Promises

The FIVE PROMISES have a powerful impact. Young people with the Five Promises do better in school, are more likely to pursue higher education and enjoy better relationships with their peers and families. They are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, and are five to 10 times more likely to become productive citizens in their communities.


1. Caring Adults

Ongoing relationships with caring adults — parents, mentors, tutors or coaches — offer youth support, care and guidance.

2. Safe Places

Safe places with structured activities provide a space for youth to learn and grow.

3. A Healthy Start and Future

Adequate nutrition, exercise, and health care pave the way for healthy bodies, healthy minds, and smart habits for adulthood.

4. Effective Education

Marketable skills through effective education help youth navigate the transition from school to work successfully.

5. Opportunities to Help Others

Opportunities to give back to the community through service enhance self-esteem, boost confidence and heighten a sense of responsibility to the community.

Investing in children yields a high return on investment: In fact, $2 million can be saved just by putting one high-risk youth on the right path.

  • Crime and juvenile justice rates fall
  • Income and tax revenues rise
  • Our workforce becomes more competitive
  • Our economic outlook improves over time